Is Sandra Oh leaving Killing Eve; will Eve survive the shooting?

Killing Eve season 2 premiere dateAt present, it feels fairly clear that Killing Eve left you with quite a shocking cliffhanger, one that stems beyond just the transformation of the Eve character. It’s one that begs you to wonder all sorts of strange, jarring questions, with one of the most simple ones being a matter of survival.

Is Eve going to survive? Is Sandra Oh actually leaving the show? There’s at least a second or two where you may have wondered that very question, and it’s hard not to when you consider the circumstances that the show presents at the end of the finale. Eve was shot, but was she killed by Villanelle? Is that something that would take her life? There are a lot of different ways to read the end of this season, and one of the biggest questions to wonder is simply this: If Villanelle had intended to really kill her, would she have shot her multiple times? Would she make sure that the job was fully finished?

Ultimately, these are questions that are yet to be answered and resolved, but Oh does discuss them with some depth within a new Entertainment Weekly interview:

Honestly, that interpretation can only be explored in the third season. I totally understand that question, because even as the third season is forming, that is a question. What was Villanelle thinking at that moment? Was she really wanting to kill her? Was she not? We have not yet decided. I will say the blood is coming from a certain area, and I think that we may move that around, the area of the shot. [Laughs.] All that stuff is really being creatively decided right now. What is the meaning of where she shot her? Obviously, it’s somewhere in her back, and in her body, but where it is and how close to the kill. I want to answer this question…  next year. I have an idea, but we haven’t shot it yet.

Our personal sentiment

We think that we’re going to see Oh’s character survive, mostly because it’s so hard to imagine Killing Eve without one of its most magnetic leads. Yet, we do think that there are fates other than death and clearly, the producers for Killing Eve want you to at least be pondering over some other outcomes and ways in which this show can be altered or different beyond just seeing someone killed off. Even if Eve makes it through, there could be some psychological implications from this moment that she has to battle through. She needs to find a way to better see what’s on the other side if possible, and also how this incident changes her physically and emotionally.

Alas, you will have to wait for some time in order to get answers, as we personally don’t envision Killing Eve season 3 surfacing until we get around to the new year. For some more news about that, be sure to visit the link here.

Do you think that Eve is going to make it through the Killing Eve cliffhanger, and what do you think could lie ahead for her in season 3? Share in the comments. (Photo: AMC.)

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