Killing Eve season 3 premiere date hopes for Jodie Comer, cast

Killing Eve season 2 premiere dateWhile tonight may mark the end of the road for Killing Eve season 2 on BBC America and AMC, it is far from the end of the road for the series. There is going to be more, and you really just have to wonder when.

At the moment, we certainly know this —  there is a supreme amount of confidence out there from the networks in making this show as successful as humanly possible. With that in mind, there’s going to be a premiere date for season 3 that makes a good bit of sense. It is going to be at a time when there are a lot of potential viewers around, and the time in which we historically see pretty solid ratings. So, once you wrap your brain around all the variables, the feeling on our end is that Killing Eve season 3 will probably premiere at some point in the spring of next year. With the current timeline and the way in which these renewals are coming out, it doesn’t make too much sense for AMC are BBC America to delay things any more than this.

There’s one big change about Killing Eve season 3 that we know, and that is that Suzanne Heathcote is going to be the new showrunner. She is stepping in for Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Emerald Fennell, who wrote the first two seasons of the drama. In a statement at the time of the renewal, Sarah Barnett of AMC Networks had the following to say:

“We love having this show and the brilliant Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer and Fiona Shaw on our networks … Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Emerald Fennell have delivered two addictively entertaining seasons. As we did last year, we’re renewing Killing Eve right out of the gate, now with Suzanne Heathcote as lead writer, as a sign of confidence – we adore this show as much as our fans do. Killing Eve doesn’t do anything in a templated way; we love giving an opportunity to three genius women to make their mark.”

Obviously, the big question you have to wonder what the show like this is mostly one of consistency. Because the first two seasons have been so good, and feature such memorable performances from Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh, you do create a possibility where you end up disappointing people — call it the Game of Thrones effect, if you will. It’s going to be more and more challenging as seasons go on to try to capture the success and brilliance of the first two, and with that in mind, it is feasible that this show could end sooner than anyone out there wants. We haven’t heard anything for certain about season 3 being the end of the road, and we certainly hope that it won’t be, but it’s something certainly to be aware of as many cable shows do tend to have far shorter runs than what we see on major broadcast counterparts.

Overall, we don’t expect all that much to change when it comes to Killing Eve season 3. This is going to be the same blood-soaked, character-driven drama that you’ve seen the first two seasons. It will hit you with one big emotional shock after the next and then have you addicted, waiting as patiently as possible for whatever comes around each turn. It’s going to be complicated and messy, but that’s precisely what you want from a show like this. If you don’t want to be on the edge of your seat, it’s probably better to check out something a little more low-key.

What do you want to see on Killing Eve season 3 when it premieres, and when do you want to see it? Let us know right now in the comments.

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