The Bachelorette spoilers: Cam Ayala, Hannah Brown’s confrontation

HannahEntering The Bachelorette on Monday night, we’re going to have more drama with Cam Ayala at the center of it. Yet, it doesn’t seem that this is going to be of the awkward, “always be Cam” rap variety.

Instead, what we’ve got here is a discussion over a “pity rose,” and the idea that Cam intentionally planned the idea of telling Hannah Brown about something sad simply for the means of getting her attention and taking that next step in the competition. This is something that you see a little bit more context of in the sneak peek below, as Hannah confronts him about what she heard via Mike. Apparently, Mike is concerned over Cam’s intentions and is trying to be honest and upfront with Hannah — a risky move in some ways, since you don’t want to do anything to make it look like you’re tattling on some other guys.

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If Cam does have something serious that he wants to talk with Hannah about, it only makes sense that he wants to find the right time in order to do so. Yet, there’s a difference between doing it to open up and then doing it as a means to a greater end. One of the things that it seems as though Cam is struggling with at the moment on this show is finding the proper context, and understanding further when it’s right and wrong to say something. If you open your mouth at the wrong time, the consequences could be heartbreaking on a show like this. Also, you need to (cough) be there for the right reasons.

Do we think Cam is there for the sake fo fame/a career/a ticket to paradise? We’re not sure that it’s quite any of those, but we do think we’re getting a good reflection in here as to why Cam probably hasn’t found someone just yet. He seems to think that staging moments is more important for the progression of a relationship than having real, open conversations in the moment. Sometimes, you need to at least act like you’re not being produced, even if you are a part of a show that often feels like it very much is. You have to squeeze in just about every great moment you possibly can to prove yourself to be normal and if that happens, those little moments for real, vulnerable conversations start to creep in somewhere.

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