ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: Is Beckett more dangerous?

We have clearly already seen a rather passionate and at times dangerous side to Kate Beckett; but now that she does have some of her personal baggage out of the way, it looks like we could be seeing far more from her than we ever did before when it comes to how far she is willing to go in order to enact justice.

So what does Stana Katic herself have to say about her life now that the case of her mom’s death is seemingly closed? Speaking to TV Guide in a recent interview, the actress is careful to make the decision that this case is not completely over and Jack Coleman’s character could turn up at some point again in the future. Before that happens, though, we are going to see a Beckett who is very much tough on crime:

“There’s a certain amount of closure, but it doesn’t mean that the tale is done … [Without the baggage] she’s more lethal because she’s thinking more clearly. She’s not running on emotion anymore. She’s become more dangerous to the bad guys.”

Away from fighting crime, one other potential benefit of Beckett’s new transformation is that she is able to focus a little bit more on her personal life, especially with Castle. We’re going to be seeing some of this when she and Nathan Fillion’s character take off to the Hamptons for some fun (that of course leads to them taking a job) next week, and we also know later on this season there will be some fun coming up courtesy of both a science fiction convention and the Christmas holiday. Is this enough to make you excited? Let’s hope so, since we are “all in” on watching where this relationship goes next.

Are you enjoying the character that Beckett is becoming this season?

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