Jackie Fabulous, lawyer-turned-comedian, stars in AGT 2019 sneak peek

AGTFor today’s preview of America’s Got Talent season 14, we are bringing you a comedian named Jackie Fabulous. We know what your first response to this is going to be, and it is probably something along the lines of really? Your name in yourself Jackie Fabulous?

Here’s the thing. A lot of the time, it’s easy to be nervous about someone who gives themselves their own sort of crazy stage name. Often, it can be sort of an overcompensation where you want people to think that you’re amazing and ridiculous and funny. Maybe Jackie’s last name really is Fabulous. Either way, there’s nothing to worry about her. The name is no hyperbole, and it just so turns out that Jackie is very funny.

In the sneak peek below from Tuesday’s episode, you can get a good sense of what we’re talking about. She is actually a lawyer who turned to comedy, which is one of the most surprising things ever because it’s basically akin to taking a good bit of guaranteed money and then throwing it in a shredder. If you’re a comedian, you never quite know whether or not you’re going to make it big, and being an attorney is obviously a far more stable job. Yeah, clearly comedy is a labor of love for Jackie, and she delivers her routine really well and has a great rapport with the judges. Sometimes, you know someone is going to be good just by the way they interact with the panel. She showed enthusiasm, wit, and was really quick on her feet. That’s before getting into her set.

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What stood out to us during her actual performance was her ability to have interesting takes on things that are kind of universal, things that we’ve all either seen or heard of. Take, for example, The Biggest Loser, as Jackie goes into the weird procedure of the show and questions why anyone would ever want to be on it. She really has a point, not that we really wanted to be on it before, either. )The funniest thing about this to us is that The Biggest Loser for many years actually aired on NBC, so this is almost the network endorsing someone making fun of them.) Meanwhile, the Facebook jokes near the end of the set are very much funny and probably true for a lot of people out there who have been friended by someone they haven’t thought about for at least the past five or so years.

Overall, if you love funny relatable comedy, more than likely you’re going to like what Jackie brought to the table in the sneak peek. Obviously there is no way of knowing whether or not she’s going to be a winner, but it’s easy to feel confident that she’s probably going to make it to the live shows and maybe a little bit beyond that. Comedians have a decent track record with this show, at least in terms of making it to the semifinals or the finals.

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