Good Girls season 3 premiere date hopes for Christina Hendricks, cast

Good GirlsExcited for Good Girls season 3 already? That’s great! Unfortunately, that excitement is going to have to carry you through what’s almost sure to be a rather long and challenging hiatus.

Let’s go ahead, though, and get some of the good news out there, in case you have not heart — there is going to be a Good Girls season 3 coming your way! This was officially confirmed by the folks over at NBC, and in a lot of ways, it was a surprisingly-early announcement for a show that has been seemingly on the bubble for most of its run.

So what is Good Girls bringing to the table that NBC most likely loves? A lot of it may just come via the show’s DVR/streaming performance. While the live+same-day numbers are not particularly great, we also don’t think at the same time that the network is setting the bar too high. They recognize that this is a Sunday-night show coming on at a particularly rough timeslot and that really, it’s going to be tough for any show to magically post some great numbers in this spot. What the network is likely hoping for here is that over time, more and more viewers will flock to Good Girls because of the story, and then maybe in season 3 or 4, we’ll start to see some rather nice gains.

Also, NBC has a reason to be patient with this show, given that they have a significant chunk of ownership in it. This allows them to continue to air it knowing that, along the way, they are going to make a significant amount of profit at the same time.

So when will Good Girls season 3 premiere?

Given that the Christina Hendricks – Retta – Mae Whitman series has been a midseason show for the first two seasons, it’s hard to really foresee that changing in the near future. It isn’t posting strong enough ratings to justify being on the fall schedule and, beyond that, we already know that it isn’t on the fall schedule. You have to do a little bit of waiting, until at least early 2020, to see it back on the air.

More than likely, you’re actually going to be waiting until March. we don’t personally foresee Good Girls coming on until around the Sunday after the Academy Awards, mostly because we wouldn’t understand why in the world NBC would want to shove this show up against that sort of competition. While live ratings aren’t the only things a network looks at anymore, they are still important and a good network shouldn’t want to do whatever it can in order to sacrifice those just for the sake of getting the show on the air sooner. We anticipate some sort of formal premiere-date announcement coming either at the end of this year or early next.

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