When Calls the Heart season 6 finale spoilers: ‘Two of Hearts’ details

When Calls the HeartDo you want to know some of what’s coming in terms of the When Calls the Heart season 6 finale? Let’s start with the fact that it’s airing in just seven days’ time!

If you’re wondering why this season felt like it went by in such a flash, it did — and there are a wide array of different reasons for that! A lot of it starts with the mere fact that due to the Lori Loughlin scandal/dismissal, the season 6 episode order was cut down from ten episodes to nine. That’s mostly just because of the sheer amount of material that needed to be cut in order for the story to work without her. We also had that long hiatus in the middle of this season, and that certainly made this batch of episodes a whole lot more start-and-stop than we’re really used to.

Rest assured, though, that with season 7, everything will start to feel a little more normal in Hope Valley — if nothing else, we’re at least crossing our fingers and hoping that things will be a little bit less chaotic. We’ll have more room to discuss some of what could be coming next in a week or so’s time — after all, for now we still have one more episode to look ahead towards! This is hopefully going to be the finale that introduces all sorts of new and exciting stuff for the show to explore moving forward.

For some more information now on what’s coming within the When Calls the Heart season 6 finale, then take a look at the attached synopsis below:

At the Founders’ Day Festival, Elizabeth makes a move that might affect her future; an orphan struggles to accept his new life; and Bill finds startling information about Gowen.

Can we just start off here by saying that it only feels appropriate for a big festival to be a centerpiece for the finale? This is really the sort of thing that you could really want and crave as a viewer, mostly due to the fact that it does offer you up a little more of a sense of flexibility. You want to be able to explore all sorts of cool opportunities where characters can interact in a way that they don’t previously. Of course, you also really should want something big for Elizabeth here given that she is the primary driving force of the series now, more than ever.

While we do think that When Calls the Heart is meant to be a very positive series about an almost-idyllic community, it makes sense that there are some struggles and bumps in the road along the way. We certainly are going to anticipate more of those within this finale, and not all will be particularly of the “expected” variety.

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