Big Little Lies season 2 spoilers: Prepare for more of Bonnie’s story

Big Little Lies
At the moment, one thing feels clear entering this summer — you’re going to see Big Little Lies season 2 become a pop-culture sensation. Obviously, we’re not talking here about a hit on par with Game of Thrones, but this is still going to be a series that, most likely, people are going to be talking about. How can they not, when you consider the sheer quality of the talent and also the level of awards recognition that is out there?

So who is going to be one of the biggest focuses moving into season 2? While you’re still going to be seeing plenty of Madeline and some of the other main characters in Monterey, you’re also going to have a much larger focus on Bonnie. That does make a great deal of sense when you think about her role in Perry’s death at the end of the first season.

For some more insight into just what Bonnie’s role could be moving forward, check out some of what David E. Kelley had to say on the subject to Entertainment Weekly in a new interview:

“She was never part of the franchise of friends that you know in year 1, she was kind of off in her own lane and … seen more through the eyes of Madeline than anyone else. This season, we obviously go much, much deeper into who she is, where she came from, and exploring the consequences of her actions in year 1 and also maybe unearthing a little bit of who that person was that came to push Perry down the stairs, and why.”

We do think that Bonnie’s story is going to be important — it really has to be. The larger question that you have to wonder here is what sort of problems could potentially come her way. Remember that Meryl Streep is going to be coming on board this season as Perry’s mother, and because of that, you have to think that she’s going to drive a good bit of conflict — and could end up being on some sort of collision course with Bonnie as a character.

Do we think that there are going to be shocking twists over the course of the season? Absolutely, but we’d be ridiculous to sit here and think that every little part of Big Little Lies is about that and that alone. This is really a portrait into some various characters and some of the highs and lows that they experience, and how their actions and their past shape their present. It’s meant to be emotional as these characters are confronted with some of the most complicated crises of their entire lives.

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