Is Adam Huber leaving Dynasty after season 2 finale? Is Liam dead?

DynastyWhat’s that sound you hear? Well, it’s the sound of the Dynasty writers seemingly out to break more hearts after the season 2 finale. Is Adam Huber leaving the show after the events of the finale, and is Liam dead?

Of course, and in true Dynasty fashion, you can’t answer that with a strict yes or no at the moment. Yet, it’s obviously clear following tonight’s episode that his life is on the line. After spending so much of this season getting fans of Fallon and Liam exciting, something like this happens and now, we’re left with questions — lots of questions.

If this was a different show, maybe we’d be quick to label this yet another classic cliffhanger fake-out. Yet, Dynasty isn’t exactly your normal show. Instead, you are talking here about one that has quite a habit of finding a way to stir things up and cause a little bit of problems — and also one that loves to write off characters in some shape or form. We saw it with Cristal 1.0, and we’ve certainly seen it on occasion this season.

If there’s a reason to believe that Liam could survive this, it’s mostly that Dynasty hasn’t exactly committed to any one thing at the moment. Instead, they’re giving you just the tiniest sliver of hope that there’s a way that this can be at least turned around so that he ends up okay on the other side of it. All the writers need to do is gauge the popularity of Huber’s character online (especially with Fallon) to know that there is some merit in keeping him around and continuing to expand this relationship.

Is Dynasty a world where any characters actually do get to be happy for a long period of time? That’s certainly something to add to the list of concerns. We’re obviously hoping that such a thing is possible at least for Fallon romantically, but we also do recognize that there really are no guarantees. We do think it’s possible that she can have a little bit of joy in here and then frustration and conflict elsewhere. Take a look at her business life.

Of course, we recognize that there are other cliffhangers moving forward into season 3 — think in terms of business transactions, legal trouble, and in general relationships that could crumble at the turn of a dime. Yet, you can’t blame us if we’re investing most of our energy into this particular life-or-death situation, right? It’s clearly the thing that’s driving social media at the moment. (Personally, we do think Liam survives … just saying.)

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