Is She’s Gotta Have It renewed for season 3 or canceled at Netflix?

She's Gotta Have It

Is She’s Gotta Have It season 3 going to happen over at Netflix? Depending on how quickly you burn through the just-released second season, we definitely think that some out there are going to be asking that question.

For now, the bad news is that, fundamentally, there’s no news — at least just yet. Netflix has not announced a firm decision on the fate of the series, but that shouldn’t be a surprise given that it just came on the streaming service. Typically, their M.O. is pretty simple — they like to give most of their programs a good few weeks to even a couple of months before determining things one way or another. They test out the numbers, check out the retention rate, and then they find a way in order to go from here.

At the moment, though, we do think that there’s going to be a She’s Gotta Have It season 3, mostly due to the simple fact that there’s a lot of enthusiasm out there around the show still and, beyond that, there’s almost certainly going to be more creative room to explore. The show also does reinforce Netflix’s commitment to diverse programming — while they did cancel one of their other inclusive series in One Day at a Time, it at least had three seasons and we like to think that this one will at least get the same sort of run.

If there is one thing to specifically worry about here, though, it is the reputation for Netflix as a streaming service at large these days. While there was an era in which they were highly regarded for saving shows or giving them multiple kicks at the can, that era is over. They’ve canceled countless popular shows over the past year, whether it be Santa Clarita Diet, the entire Marvel universe, or the aforementioned One Day at a Time. Their expectations are different than what they once were — in order to succeed now at Netflix, you need to have a really stable viewership and then, beyond that, more room for growth. Netflix wants shows where they can see the audience coming more and more to it over time.

If you want to see a She’s Gotta Have It season 3, the best thing that you can do is check out the second season from start to finish. It’s pretty essential that you finish season 2 — it doesn’t have to be right away, but that is the way to make it clear to Netflix that you’re eager to keep watching. If you don’t finish, the message comes across that maybe you’re done with the show and won’t be watching in the event it comes back.

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