Is Aidan Quinn leaving Elementary; is Gregson dead? (Season 7 premiere)

There are obviously many different questions that Elementary wants us to ponder following the season 7 premiere, but one is staring you right in the face — Is Aidan Quinn leaving Elementary, and is Captain Gregson dead? Is that the event that’s going to reverberate through the remainder of the season?

At present, we certainly think as though the CBS series wants you immensely concerned over the idea, and for good reason — Gregson was shot at the end of the episode! At the end of the episode, Detective Bell (who was just about to leave for the Marshals service) gave Sherlock a phone call to tell him what happened, and obviously, this moment has huge emotional ramifications. It happened right before Gregson was apparently going to call Sherlock to apologize for his anger and rage at the end of last season. Thanks to a conversation with Bell, Gregson realized that much of his frustration stemmed from losing a friend — he cared for Sherlock, in addition to him being a fantastic investigator. He’s dealing with emotional pain and with that, he is now dealing with physical pain in the process.

The hard part for Holmes and Watson now may just be the fact that they cannot really do all that much to help from the other side of the Atlantic — since Sherlock is banned from the United States after confessing to killing Michael, he couldn’t really do all that much if he even wanted to. He’s stuck, and that is an incredibly hard place for someone with his skill set to be.

What happened with the case?

Tonight, Sherlock and Joan took on the death of a popular young model named Lola who was struggling (and eventually died) after being hit in the face with acid. At first, it looked like could be a part of a trend — then, it turned out that whatever transpired here was a little more personal and calculated. Whoever did this, it seems, had a particular agenda in mind, and Sherlock and Watson recruited the help of Kitty Winter (she’s back!) to assist in parts of the operation. It was nice to get an update on her, and story-wise, it was important for someone to vocalize what was going on with Joan: She’s not happy.

Eventually, Joan and Sherlock had it out over some of these comments, and eventually came to realize that Joan just needs a little bit more time in order to process where she is and this new life. Sherlock loves London and already has a relationship with it. For Joan, it’s a world away from her fans, her old life, and a world that she knew. She’s also struggling with a DCI who isn’t taking her seriously and a routine she can’t quite find a groove in. She’ll get there, but it may take time.

As for Lola’s case, eventually, the duo figured out that it was a plastic surgeon who was out to destroy the evidence of a botched operation — he was trying to protect his operation but due to a chemical burn on his hand, he wasn’t able to hide what ultimately happened.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Elementary season 7 delivered a fantastic start to the season, one with an exceptional case, great intrigue, and an emotional cliffhanger that makes us very curious where the story will go from here and if life for Captain Gregson will ever be the same. It certainly gives Bell a reason to stick around the precinct and for Sherlock to try and find a loophole to return.

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