Is The Big Bang Theory new tonight on CBS? Is there anything left?

The Big Bang TheoryIt’s sad, but it’s true — The Big Bang Theory is officially done at CBS. It’s a hard thing to swallow, but there is no new episode tonight — nor will there possibly ever be a new episode of the series again, at least in its current form. Save for some sort of shocking revival in the future, this is it. We’ve made it to the end of the story and because of that, what we’re left to do is twiddle our thumbs and wonder exactly what could’ve been. Will there be more opportunities to dive into the future for some of these characters?

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At the moment, not much has changed since the proper series finale last week. We haven’t heard much in terms of future spin-offs or anything else since the series finale aired — we know that there was a little bit of hope for a secret end tag or something that would have rendered the future of the series still possible, but there wasn’t anything obvious in the closing minutes.

Are there still loose ends? We suppose that in theory, you can argue that Raj’s relationship status is one. He’s the only member of the core group who isn’t currently locked-in romantically with anyone, and given how much that character wanted to be loved throughout the series, you can easily make the case for it. The unfortunate problems here are all over the place. Take, for example, the fact that Raj would have to leave his friends in order to see a spin-off happen, and that’s not something we’re sure he would do. It’d just be too weird for there to be some sort of spin-off where we didn’t quite know or understand why the character wasn’t spending time with some of the people he’s closest to. We’d just have a really tough time buying into Raj leaving at all unless there was a really good reason for it.

Ultimately, we feel like this is the sort of stuff the producers of The Big Bang Theory are struggling with in regards to a spin-off — it’s just difficult to find a justification for it with some of the show’s larger characters without taking some away from the final legacy of the show as it is. Sure, you could try to work something out with some minor characters, but would that have the same sort of appeal? It’s hard to say.

For now, enjoy Young Sheldon — it does still have two more seasons at least and through that, you’ll at least have a chance to see some more of the soul of The Big Bang Theory. If that’s it, then you’ll have effectively fourteen years of Dr. Sheldon Cooper in your life, and perhaps more if Young Sheldon continues. It’s hard to be upset about a run like that.

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