Blue Bloods cast tells Donnie Wahlberg, Tom Selleck stories (video)

Blue Bloods season 10

We know that there’s not any Blue Bloods from now until September … just as we know that the idea of that is a rather painful thing, indeed.

With that in mind, though, we come bearing the latest video via CBS! In this one, you can see Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Vanessa Ray, and Bridget Moynahan all discuss their latest CBS Watch Magazine photo shoot, and beyond that share some stories about working on the series behind the scenes.

Donnie’s disco Friday – Apparently, on Friday nights at one point in the show’s run, Donnie had a tendency to turn the squad room into some sort of disco party. (Big shocker, everyone — a member of a boy band likes to dance!) We imagine that this was a fun way to keep things light, given that this show does have a tendency from time to time to wade into some really tough subject matter. After a long day of filming emotional scenes, sometimes it is rather nice to be able to just shake a lot of that residue off and just engage in something that is really fun instead.

As it turns out, Donnie per the cast is also the biggest prankster on set … not that this should surprise anyone, either.

Meeting Tom Selleck – As you would imagine, there’s probably a feeling of immediate intimidation here and it doesn’t quite matter how welcoming the guy is. He’s Tom Selleck! Donnie claims that one of the first impressions that he had of Tom upon meeting him was just how tall he was … which does make sense. A lot of times with actors, we automatically project them all in our head to be around the same size. Then, when we meet them, we’re always surprised one way or another.

Vanessa also describes in the video how, when she first met Tom, he was smoking a cigar just like Magnum. We’re still crossing our fingers for a Selleck cameo on the new Magnum PI, though it does feel almost impossible given that this show films on the complete opposite side of the country to Blue Bloods, and the two shoot at roughly the same time. It’d be about finding a tiny hole in Tom’s schedule and then creating the perfect way for him to turn up.

Blue Bloods season 10 will begin filming this summer — while we’ve made it more than clear that we’d love season 10 to start off with some sort of add-on to the Jamie/Eddie wedding sequence that we had at the end of season 9, all the evidence that we’ve got right now strongly suggests that this is probably not going to happen. Hopefully, though, there will continue to be a lot of strong, personal stories to go along with all of the great character stuff that we’ve come to expect of this show over the years.

What do you want to see next on Blue Bloods for these characters?

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(Photo: CBS.)

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