Fuller House season 5: The first table read is a go!

Fuller HouseFor everyone excited to see Fuller House season 5, here is another reason to be: Work is officially underway on the latest batch of new episodes!

In a new post on Instagram (see below), cast member Jodie Sweetin confirmed that the Tanner – Fuller family is back again, as the first table read was tonight and, beyond that, the rehearsals are going to kick off next week. The first taping is going to take place for season 5 at the end of the month, and that will be a chance to witness what is effectively going to be the beginning of the end for the show on Netflix.

If you have not heard already, season 5 of Fuller House is going to be the final one, but because the decision to renew the show was made when it was, what that means is that the writers have had plenty of time in order to conjure up a fitting endgame for this story. Maybe it will involve something romantic for DJ and Steve, or maybe it will just be a big family event that really puts all of these characters in the spotlight, one way or another. We don’t think that the basic structure of Fuller House is going to change, and we certainly do not think that we’re going to see the story somehow take a turn for the depressing. We say that knowing full well that one of the big highlights of the past few months, at least in terms of celebrity headlines, was the Lori Loughlin scandal.

So when will Fuller House actually premiere on Netflix? Well, just because filming is getting started soon doesn’t really mean much of anything in terms of the premiere date. Our feeling, at least for now, is that we’re lucky if we get to see the show before December. This is when past seasons have come out, and there’s enough evidence for Netflix to realize that there is a lot of worth that comes from this show being in this spot. For starters, there’s not all that much out there when it comes to real, tangible competition. Beyond just that, families are together more around the holidays and this is a show that really exemplifies family entertainment perhaps more than any other. Almost every single episode is about family!

Of course, there is a humorous part of our brain that wonders if in another couple of decades, we’re going to get a show entitled Even Fuller House that breaks down the next generation of main characters. That may sound unlikely, but within this crazy television ecosystem, anything is possible. (We actually do think that with the modern entertainment world being so segmented, it’s actually going to be harder for remakes/revivals to thrive than ever before — there’s just not the same sort of huge audiences for any one nostalgic property.)

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