Whiskey Cavalier season 2: Is it renewed, canceled? The future

Whiskey CavalierThere has been a great deal of conversation already about a Whiskey Cavalier season 2, including whether or not it could happen and the major obstacles that are being thrown in its way. For those who haven’t heard anything just yet, though, consider this article for the time being, a guide to some of the info that is out there.

Let’s start with the bad news, mostly because there is no real need at the moment to beat around the bush: ABC has already canceled the Scott Foley – Lauren Cohan series. As for the reason why they did it, it stems mostly from the network’s performance in the 18-49 demographic the past several weeks. Executive Karey Burke tried to defend the position by saying that ABC gave the show ample opportunity, including a cushy premiere window after the 2019 Oscars. However, its ratings fell off over time and because of that, they had no reason to justify a renewal.

Do we agree that the Oscars could’ve been a good premiere window? Sure, but the problem is that for most of the country, they were over so late that a lot of people ended up going to bed either before or during it. Beyond just that, we’ve seen via the post-Super Bowl specials over time that airing after the Big Game rarely leads to shows having some sort of permanent boost in the numbers. It shouldn’t come as much of a shock that you can say the same thing now following the Oscars. There just wasn’t a whole lot of consistent staying power here, but you can blame in part some questionable lead-ins and also lack of awareness outside of ABC proper. While we personally love the name for the show, we wouldn’t argue with anyone who felt like it was somewhat ambiguous and doesn’t really do all that much in order to actually explain what the show is really about.

Ultimately, we’re not sure that we see ABC reversing course unless the numbers surge upwards for the finale — we do think that there is some viability elsewhere. Take, for example, a streaming service like Hulu that does need some high-profile new programming. Whiskey Cavalier feels like the sort of show that could deliver that with the right marketing. We do think that you could make an argument (or two) for Netflix, but with them saving two shows last year in Lucifer and Designated Survivor, we’re not sure just how much they are going to be in the market of trying to acquire new shows — especially when they do have such a huge roster of shows of their own. They don’t really need to pick up a whole lot else!

Regardless of what happens over the next few weeks when it comes to Whiskey Cavalier, we’ll keep you posted. If ABC doesn’t pick it back up, there’s a limited window in which some other networks/providers could before cast contracts expire. Eventually, we know that these actors will have to find other gigs, so that is something that we have to look at (even if we don’t really want t0).

For some other news when it comes to Whiskey Cavalier right now…

Be sure to visit the link here, given that is where you can get some additional information when it comes to the show and the future.

What do you think that the future could hold at present in terms of a Whiskey Cavalier season 2? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and check back soon for some other insight. (Photo: ABC.)

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