NCIS season 17: All we know about Cote de Pablo’s return as Ziva

ZivaIn the wake of the big Cote de Pablo return on NCIS last night, we know you have questions. With that, we come bearing some answers. Consider this article a source of clarity about all things Ziva right now, including why she could be back, when she’ll be back, and what this could mean in terms of more appearances down the road.

Below, we’ve compiled both the things we know about Cote’s big return, and also all of the things that we’re still waiting to know for sure. We’re already assuming that there will be so much more to share in the weeks and months to come, including more theory pieces and speculation as to what else could be coming. Below this, we also have our video review of last night’s episode finale — after you check that out, remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube to make sure you don’t miss any other updates this summer! We’ve also got an official NCIS playlist, which we like to consider very much worth your time.

1. She will for sure be back during the season 17 premiere – This was confirmed by CBS in the seconds after the finale aired — this is really happening folks!

2. Signs point to this not being an illusion – We understand the temptation to guess that this is yet another manifestation of Gibbs’ mind, but all evidence points towards this being real — especially since the writers put so much work into proclaiming that she was actually alive. If there was no “She” episode or buildup to this moment, maybe we’d be a little more concerned, but they’ve taken us on this trip to Ziva Town for months and now we have arrived.

3. Her mission is tied to Gibbs – Whatever Ziva is there in order to do, it obviously involves Mark Harmon’s character, and it was so important and urgent that she couldn’t wait for Bishop to relay a message along. She had to go there in person. Is it possible that it also impacts her? Sure, but Ziva wouldn’t be to him if it was all about her. That’s not really her way — she would be more willing to just take that sort of mission on herself.

4. Producers went into overdrive making sure the secret was kept – CBS told us a lot of what went into keeping this a secret (You can read more over at the link here), but the creative team took a number of measures to ensure that this wouldn’t get out, including hiding script pages and working to film the final scene late at night and with a limited crew.

As for some of what we are waiting to find out, and are going to be discussing further down the road…

Could this turn into more of an arc? – That may depend in part on Cote’s schedule and whatever story that is devised. We think the main priority with this storyline is giving Ziva her proper due after her “death” in “Family First” left so many people irked. If this is closure, at least it’s a happier sort of closure. (Personally, we’d like to see her turn up here or there throughout the season.)

What does this mean about the return of Tony, or any other character? – For right now, nothing — this feels geared mostly to be about the Ziva character, who has been at the forefront of this story a whole lot more than some of the other characters from the past have been.

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