Is The Flash new tonight on The CW? Four questions worth wondering

Flash season 4Is The Flash new tonight on The CW? Given that the past few seasons ran for 23 episodes, it’s understandable to be curious if this season is going to be the same.

Unfortunately, it’s not. Probably to compensate for the immense work that goes into the crossovers (and to actually allow some of the cast a moment or two to breathe), The Flash this season only ran for 22 episodes. That means, unfortunately, that last week’s “Legacy” was the finale, and we’re stuck waiting now until we do get to see this show back, most likely in October. You can read more about premiere-date expectations over here; for now, we want to take on a little bit of a different subject in what’s actually coming up. How can the writers build on what they’ve done already?

Luckily, this is what the article here is all about! Within this piece, we’ve got four different questions about season 6 to think about. There aren’t any firm answers out there, but we wanted to get into some stuff beyond just Crisis On Infinite Earths, given that really, that’s only a tiny percentage of the overall story.

1. Is Nora West-Allen really gone for good? – In her current form, we don’t know how you get her back given that she basically turned to dust following the events of the season. There is no real future for her because the timeline changed, but that doesn’t mean that you can rule out kids for Barry and Iris in the future. To go along with that, we’re not sure that you can rule out Jessica Parker Kennedy coming back to play at least one of those kids. This show has a way to keeping things crazy, but also having some things come full-circle.

2. Will there be another version of Wells coming down the line? – New showrunner Eric Wallace and TOm Wallace may be having some conversations about this over the summer, especially since it doesn’t seem as though there is a reason to bring in any old version of the iteration. We’ve seen many different versions of Wells, whether it be Harrison/The Reverse Flash (season 1), Harry (season 2), or H.R. (season 3) — and that’s to go along with the Council of Wells in season 4. Technically, that season predominantly featured Earth-2 Harry, but there were different versions of him throughout given what happened with his intellect.

3. Who will the actual Big Bad be? – Because of the amount of attention being paid right now to Crisis On Infinite Earths, and understandably so, we do think that there are some reasons to wonder/speculate over future villains. It does seem like there are still plans for Godspeed, and with the future changed, we totally are certainly interested to see what he would look like now and how different he could be. Red Death is also out there, even if the employment of the character would be a challenge.

4. What happens next with Cisco? – We haven’t been a fan of his storyline for a while, and we’re not even 100% on Carlos Valdes’ future on the show. Nonetheless, we like to imagine that if the finale was the end, the series would have made some sort of formal statement over the past week or so. We think he and Caitlin both deserve a whole lot more to do — we know that the family stuff with Nora in season 5 was important, but it did monopolize a lot of the show’s time.

Are you bummed that The Flash is done on The CW, and where do you want to see things go from here in terms of the individual stories? Be sure to share below, and remember to also check back for more news throughout the summer.

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