Is Tala Ashe leaving Legends of Tomorrow after season 4 finale?

Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 11Following tonight’s Legends of Tomorrow season 4 finale, it’s fair to wonder a simple question: Is Tala Ashe leaving?

Well, at the moment it’s abundantly clear that the character of Zari is. Because of the changes to the timeline, the Legends never needed to recruit her — because of that, she’s effectively gone and Nate doesn’t exactly remember her. Good on the team for making sure that there was a little less fear of the unknown in the world … though clearly it has some rather unexpected side effects.

Here is the good news for now: You will still be seeing Tala on Legends of Tomorrow, but it doesn’t seem like she’s playing Zari. Instead, the show looks to be doing something similar to what they’ve done with Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who is still on the show as Charlie even though her first character of Amaya is gone. When you think about it, all of this serves as a good reminder that Nate Heywood has terrible luck when it comes to romance:

In confirming Tala’s future status on Legends of Tomorrow season 5, here is what show executive producer Phil Klemmer had to say per TVLine:

Tala will be returning to the show but Zari, the character we know and love, will not be. Nate is welcome to go look for her next season, but he will not be pleased by what he finds.

Obviously, this is great news since we don’t want to lose Tala from the show — though really, we don’t want to lose anyone. A part of what makes Legends of Tomorrow work is the ensemble, though we know there were concerns about the overall size of the ensemble this season or that occasionally things teetered a little too much on the wacky side. (For those wondering, we did very much enjoy this season — it’s behind season 2 and 3 on our personal rankings, but we love those two seasons more than most others in the entire Arrowverse. This is hardly a slam.)

What sort of role should Tala play?

It’s hard to really specify one thing more so than any other, but if we were to have it our way, our feeling is that she should get an opportunity to completely flip her previously role on its head. After playing someone from the future, why not take on someone from the past? Why not be someone with a completely different attitude? A big part of what makes Charlie so interesting as a character is that she’s so far away from Amaya as a character; Legends of Tomorrow is in a lot of ways about exploration, and that’s not something that we foresee changing anytime in the near future.

For some more news when it comes to Legends of Tomorrow and what’s coming next…

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