Legends of Tomorrow season 5 premiere date expectations, story hopes

Legends of Tomorrow season 4 premiereFollowing tonight’s imaginative, emotionally impactful finale, you’re going to want the Legends of Tomorrow season 5 premiere to be right around the corner. Unfortunately, it feels more like the new season is around many different corners and you’re going to need some sort of fancy road map in order to find it.

While we know for certain that there will be a Legends of Tomorrow season 5, The CW is biding their time when it comes to figuring out when it will be on the air. They’ve already revealed their fall schedule, and unfortunately our favorite ragtag group of misfits is not a part of it. Because of that, we have to assume that the show will be surfacing at some point in midseason, and per all indications that are out there, this is very much a part of the long-gestating plan. As a matter of fact, Legends of Tomorrow could kick off its new season with a crossover — its first proper one in two seasons!

As you can read more about over at the link here, Legends of Tomorrow will have a formal episode in the midst of the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, so clearly someone is going to call up Sara Lance and explain to her all of the crazy stuff that happened in Elseworlds. After everything that she’s gone through this season already, it does certainly feel like no one is going to be any more qualified to handle significant doses of crazy than she is.

With the way that the crossover has been explained to date, the most reasonable expectation for a Legends of Tomorrow season 5 premiere date is mid-January. There are going to be three parts of the crossover that air in December, and we’ve learned from watching this franchise over the year that they tend to come back in the middle of January in the new year. From here, it could move on from the crossover to a number of other silly things, and it could serve as a midseason replacement until another show takes its timeslot when it is done with its season.

Unfortunately, we don’t foresee Legends of Tomorrow ever being a show that gets the same sort of massive episode orders as some of the other shows in the Arrowverse — or really, the same sort of attention from the network. While its underdog nature is an enormous part of its appeal, we wouldn’t be surprised if it is also one of the biggest reasons why it runs into some problems here and there with larger orders and feeling absolutely safe. It just doesn’t have the same sort of marketing mojo as some other superhero shows do, mostly because its cast of characters aren’t so well-known. We just hope, by the grace of the blue god Beebo, that there is a way for this show to at least get a couple more seasons on the air. This is as funny and irreverent and imaginative as any other that we’re going to come across.

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