The Voice finale: Gyth Rigdon’s ‘Proof I’ve Always Loved You’ original song

Gyth RigdonTonight on The Voice finale, we’re going to be hearing all of the final four contestants perform original songs! It’s a momentous occasion, one we get every year — it’s also one of the few opportunities that we actually get to hear what they may sound like whenever they get done with a given season.

For the sake of this particular article, what we are talking about is Gyth Rigdon and his song “Proof I’ve Always Loved You,” which he actually did co-write so we’ll give him a little bit of credit for that. Because of the amount of competition in a show like this and the limited time in your schedule, it’s very hard for any artist to really engage in a lot of the parts of making music beyond just hitting the melody.

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So how is Gyth’s song? Well, we do think that he is going to succeed in getting the attention of a lot of his fans on board with this, given that it is a traditional love song with a country twist that shows off more of a softer side than we’ve seen the past few weeks. Timing out your ballads on a show like The Voice is very important — you don’t want to lean into them too heavily because then it makes them less special when you do. The big reason that Gyth’s song works so well here is because it’s not something that you’ve heard from him all season. It’s a different vibe, and in our opinion, he really nails the vocals and the vulnerability here every bit as well as we were hoping.

As for whether or not it’s going to help Gyth win, there’s certainly a feeling that it will — he’s probably the #2 favorite at the moment behind Maelyn Jarmon, as he is entering the finale on the back of a very well-rated performance and he’s also got a really loyal audience of fans out there. He’s also had a good bit of screen time and just about everyone watching the show knows that he’s been a frontrunner from the start. The biggest thing that Gyth has to worry about is maybe the rise of Dexter Roberts, who we think has done a really great job rising to the occasion the last couple of weeks. If Gyth wants to win, he’s probably going to need the lion’s share of the votes from Team Blake fans. Otherwise, he’s got an uphill battle against Maelyn, who may at this point have the support of all the non-country fans.

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