The Resident star Emily VanCamp joining Falcon & Winter Solider

Emily VanCampFor anyone wondering if Emily VanCamp would return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Falcon & Winter Soldier, you’ve now got a good answer to that very question.

According to a report from Deadline, the actress is going to reprise her role as Sharon on the upcoming Disney+ series, which is of course a follow-up to some of the Captain America movies — in addition to everything else going on in the gigantic, sprawling Marvel-movie world. She’s getting a pretty cool chance here to take on a character who certainly has more depth to her than we’ve seen so far, and perhaps one of Emily’s greatest feats here is finding a way schedule-wise to make both of these gigs work.

As most of you out there probably know at this point, Emily is a series regular over on Fox’s The Resident, where she plays the role of Nurse Practitioner Nic Nevin. That role is always going to be prioritized over anything else — it is almost a requirement contractually that it is so.

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Now, with that being said, there’s an incentive for everyone involved to find a way to work things out. Just look at it through this particular lens: The Resident comes via studio 20th Century Fox TV, which just so happens to now be owned by Disney. Of course, Disney owns Marvel and the upcoming Disney+ service, so they have every incentive in the world to figure this out. (Fox the network was not one of the entities purchased by Disney, but we don’t think that they are going to care all that much about the actress taking on another gig so long as they still have her on The Resident. That’s the top priority, and we actually do think that doing Falcon & Winter Soldier will help boost her popularity.)

Given that filming on The Resident is going to be kicking off a little bit later this summer, this does produce a little bit of a window for Emily to go, play her former MCU role, and then come back to The Resident. The only other option here is that she figures out a way to jump back and forth during production, and if she does find a way to do that, we give her all of the credit in the world for persevering. That’s gotta be some pretty big sleep deprivation that she will be dealing with!

Once we’ve got more news on both Falcon & Winter Soldier, alongside The Resident (which is airing on Tuesday nights this fall), we’ll have it for you here.

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