Barry season 3 premiere date hopes for Bill Hader, cast

Barry season 2Let’s be real — HBO would love to get Barry season 3 on the air as soon as humanly possible, and for good reason. we are, after all, discussing one of the network’s biggest hits! This is a show that has delivered tremendous critical acclaim, in addition to of course showing everyone who doesn’t watch Saturday Night Live regularly just how funny Bill Hader is. (Here’s your answer: He’s ridiculously funny.) Add to this a stellar supporting cast and great writing and you have a show that really should last however long the team behind the scenes wants for it to.

For now, we’re just happy that season 3 is locked in … though we’ll probably have to wait for a good while in order to see it. Since season 2 is ending tonight, 2020 seems to be a safe bet … but we wouldn’t even put all of our money on it, either. With shows these days taking longer and longer between seasons, especially with actor schedules being as busy as they are at the moment, we wouldn’t be 100% shocked if we were forced to wait until 2021 to see more of it, either.

The most important thing for a series like Barry, one that is so character-focused and also crazy with its manic imagination, is that the writers ensure that they get the story right. If that means waiting a long time in order to check it out, that of course means having to wait a long time. We don’t think that anyone is going to be altogether upset about doing that, given that they just waited for almost two years to get more of Game of Thrones. (Just remember, people were happy to deal with that wait — they were a little more unhappy with the dramatic character turn within the penultimate episode.) Airing after Game of Thrones was actually one of the best things to ever happen for Barry, given that season 2 is so far averaging more than 1.5 million live viewers, almost a full million more people on average than season 1. Some of those viewers are probably coming due to word-of-mouth following that season, but others are watching just because it’s a nice way to relieve some of the stress after sitting through battles and cities torn asunder.

Barry is hopefully going to continue down the same road that it’s been on for season 3, one in which killing somehow intersects with bizarre show-business interactions as our title character tries to figure out what exactly he wants his life to really be. There’s such a sense of intentional awkwardness with the character that you never quite know what he’s going to do next, and that sense of unease is in part why this show works so well. Typically with comedies, you watch because they put you at ease. This one has a greater sense of stakes, though you do know that at some point, you’re going to be laughing. It’s hard not to when you consider Hader and then also Henry Winkler.

In wrapping things up…

There is no confirmed Barry season 3 premiere date just yet. Just rest assured that it’s coming, and that the creative team will put their all into making sure the high expectations are met.

What do you want to see on Barry season 3 when the latest batch of new episodes premieres? Be sure to share in the comments, and check back soon to score some other updates on all things TV. (Photo: HBO.)

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