Outlander – 2019 Emmy campaign: More dates to know

Outlander season 4We’ve written a little bit as of late about some of the things that Starz is doing in order to promote Outlander and some of its other shows for the Primetime Emmy Awards this year. With that in mind, what else should you know? What all matters when it comes to nominations? Consider this article the one with all of the important dates to know.

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There’s going to be a good bit of campaigning between now and June 10 especially, so be prepared for that. Why then? It’s simply a matter of this being when the nomination-round voting officially begins. That’s when Emmy voters can actually start to cast their votes from an immense ballot that includes a number of different shows and performers. It’s the immense size of it that makes us wonder sometimes if voters really consider all of the possibilities — yet, the trade-off there is that you want there to be as many contenders as possible, since you don’t want anyone to be left off. Be prepared to continue to see campaigning continue from that point until June 24, since that is when the nomination-round voting ends.

From there, the wait truly begins, as official nominations are not going to be announced until July 16. There are some other stages of the process that are worth discussing a little bit later on, but let’s take this one part at a time, shall we?

What’s the best way to fight for a show like Outlander?

A lot of it simply positive word of mouth and reinforcement of great moments, performers, and reasons why the show appeals to a mass audience. Social-media campaigns can work, but what we’ve started to realize through years of being on the internet is that it’s not always where Emmy voters spend their time. Many of them are deeply entrenched in the industry and they don’t get a chance to read too many articles or see too many fan campaigns. You almost have to meet them where they are — in Los Angeles, in the trade publications, and with positive buzz around various sets.

One of the biggest challenges for Outlander may simply be that the show’s entire production is based in Scotland, and that during many of its campaigns, the show has been in production. It’s really hard to enter some sort of full-fledged campaign mode when you have other things to work on. Yes, it’s true that Game of Thrones is in Northern Ireland for most of its production, but we’ve found throughout its run that its rather-hefty cast has led to more flexibility on specific Emmy promotion.

This year, Outlander season 4 is the eligible season; so long as season 5 releases before June 2020 (which we expect for it to), it will be eligible for the 2020 version of the awards show. We’re a little more concerned about season 6 being eligible for the 2021 awards, mostly with the way in which production has been going as of late.

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