Hawaii Five-0 season 10: The McGarrett – Jerry debate

Hawaii Five-0As we prepare for Hawaii Five-0 season 10 to air on CBS this fall, there is really one question that you gotta wonder: Whose life in on the line? Who should you be worried about?

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As we describe in that aforementioned video, the end of the finale brought you Omar Hassan’s wife deciding to go after McGarrett; that’s why she snuck a plastic gun into the Five-0 building and fired off a bullet right at him. We heard the gunshot go off, but after that, the screen quickly faded to black and that was it.

Judging from how the finale ended, there are really two different possibility for what could happen next, and who could actually be dead on the other side of all of this.

1. McGarrett – This is obviously the lead contender, mostly because this is who the show wants you to be the most worried about. Judging from what we saw in the closing seconds, it feels clear that he was the target.

2. Jerry – Yet, is it possible that Jorge Garcia’s character jumped in front of him? One of the things that we’ve seen over the years is that he wants to be more active and have more responsibility out in the field, and you could see this as his chance to really step forward and be a hero. If he jumped in front of Steve, he could have ended up saving his life … but also risking his own in the process.

Of course, there’s also another possibility worthy of consideration in equal measure: Maybe no one is dead. It’s possible that either McGarrett or Jerry was shot, but somehow still found a way to make it to the other side in one piece. It’ll probably take a little bit of time for whoever was hurt to recover, but we’re certainly hoping for this rather than the alternative: Death. (We have to imagine that the bullet hit someone, given that otherwise, this would certainly be anticlimactic.)

We like to think that the season 10 premiere will address what happens with the shooting in the closing minutes, and also deal with the aftermath of it. Our feeling is that Danny’s going to rush in and take care of the shooter first — after that, it’s about trying to get attention to the person who needs it. Fingers crossed that they stick around and we’re not without a beloved Task Force member on the other side.

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