Game of Thrones series finale: Who will sit on the Throne?

Game of ThronesWe’re almost there — in right around 24 hours from the time of writing this piece, the Game of Thrones series finale is going to air on HBO. There is likely to be a flurry of chaos within the final episode, but in the end, there is a throne and a really simple question worth wondering: Who is going to sit on it?

Well, assuming that someone does (and we do realize it’s possible that the throne could just end up vacant at the time of the end credits), now feels like the right time to start handing down possibilities. With that in mind, we’ve got five different possible outcomes below, ones that we feel are certainly fascinating in their own unique ways.

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Daenerys Targeryan – Is it really possible that the series ends in the same way the finale seems to be kicking off? Sure, Daenerys seems to have gotten much of what she wanted now, but we don’t exactly think that this is anywhere near as satisfying of an ending as you probably thought it was going to be years ago. We think that this would actually be depressing, given that she’s basically ruling over her own, self-created ruins at this point.

Jon Snow – He’s the obvious answer for obvious reasons — Jon is the most obvious hero of this story, a reluctant but well-respected leader who is proficient in combat and seems to be relatable to most of the citizens in Westeros. He would be a capable leader, at least in terms of him being a figure who would not go mad with power and actually listen to some of the wise people sitting around him at all times.

Sansa Stark – Given that Jon isn’t really too keen on ruling in the first place, could you make the case for the title to be given to Sansa instead? It would be a remarkable arc that the woman initially set up for a political marriage would be ultimately the right person to sit on the Iron Throne. We also do know that she has the right political skill set to be quite good at the job.

Tyrion Lannister – Given that he is technically Hand of the Queen, he could be someone who is an agreeable choice given his ties to both her and the Lannisters … but we also don’t think anyone’s cheering too loudly for Tyrion at this point to get the throne. He’s made a lot of errors as of late, with one of the most notable ones being having too much faith in Daenerys to be a leader different from many of the others we’ve seen.

Gendry Baratheon – We think that his name has long been out there as a candidate to set on the Iron Throne, given that there is a slight air of randomness here but also the ties that he has to King Robert from the very start. He’d need a lot of training, but if Jon is dead and Sansa wants to stay and rule the North, is it possible that he could end up being the best option remaining? You can at least make the case for it.

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