Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow will be in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis On Infinite EarthsThe Crisis on Infinite Earths television event has been hyped up like almost no other, and we now have an even greater sense of how all-encompassing it will be.

Basically, if you thought that any of the previous crossover events on these CW superhero shows were expansive, be prepared to now have a shocked expression stamped across your face. The network has now confirmed that all five of their Arrowverse shows, including Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman, will have their own episodes of the event — basically, meaning that there will be five parts of this story and it will begin in December. This crossover will eventually carry over to January, which means that there will probably be some sort of crossover/break in the middle of it as we get from one point to the next.

What we know at the moment is that all of these shows are gearing up already for this event to transpire — with Arrow, we saw Oliver Queen leave at the request of The Monitor at the end of this past episode. To go along with that, he was told that he would never have a chance to return … kind of a tough way to immediately say goodbye, no? Meanwhile, The Flash teased at the end of its own finale that Barry’s disappearance and the events of the Crisis are coming so much earlier than initially planned. While the Supergirl finale hasn’t aired just yet, signs point to yet another tease coming there, and maybe also coming at the end of Legends of Tomorrow on Monday.

The inclusion of the Legends is the one part of this that should be a happy surprise for many, given that these ragtag group of self-described misfits and underdogs were kept out of Elseworlds, save for a fun little cameo featuring Gary last year. We expected the other shows to all be a part of it. We do still have curiosity surrounding the timing of the Legends’ appearance, given that Legends of Tomorrow is not on the fall schedule (read more about that here), meaning that their role in the crossover could very well end up being their season 5 premiere. (Hey, at least it’s going to have a chance to get off to a great ratings start!)

As for Batwoman, the big struggle there will be mostly just finding a way to properly fit that character in. We’ve gotten a tease of her already, but it seems like for at least the pilot, we’re jumping back in time a little bit for her origin story. Suffice it to say, we’re certainly curious to know how that show is going to play with time given that at some point in the first half of the season, it’s going to need to leap forward more than a year in order for anything to make sense. Otherwise, you’re looking at a timeline over there that not even Barry Allen himself could fix. We also have questions about whether or not the Crisis on Infinite Earths episode of Arrow could end up being its series finale, given its ten-episode order for season 8. (Personally, we hope note — Arrow should get a chance to end separately from the greater superhero universe, and shouldn’t have to sacrifice its own world for the sake of others.)

What are you the most excited to see when it comes to the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and check back soon for some other insight. (Photo: The CW.)

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