Grey’s Anatomy season 16: What’s Meredith, Alex, and Webber’s job status?

Grey's Anatomy season 14Is Grey’s Anatomy season 16 really going to move forward without Meredith, Alex, and Webber as a part of the medical staff? If you’re to take the ending of season 15 literally, you have to think that there’s a good possibility. All three of these characters were involved in the insurance-fraud subplot, and even know their intentions were good, sometimes that doesn’t matter. Bailey may have to give them the ol’ heave-ho for good to make sure that the hospital doesn’t find itself in any legal firestorms.

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So where is season 16 going to pick back up? Obviously, it’s not going to just take some huge leap forward past most of the problems of the past couple of episodes — it’s not like this show to just reset things and not spend some serious time dealing with the emotional aftermath of what just transpired. Speaking on that subject via TVLine, executive producer Krista Vernoff notes that for Alex, Meredith, and Webber, they may not be wearing their magic white doctors-coats for a little while when the series picks back up:

It was a big swing we took, and I can’t promise that Grey Sloan isn’t going to have to do without those doctors, at least for a while…

Do we think they’ll eventually come back? Sure, mostly because it’s hard to imagine this hospital without three of its most-prominent people for a substantial period of time. Of course, there is also a story to be mined from how the hospital functions without three of its most notable people on staff. Think in terms of utter bedlam, where less experienced doctors and interns may be at times overworked and completely over their heads. Sure, we know that there are some super-experienced people still there and able to work including Owen, Bailey, Amelia, Link, and Tom Koracick. You can also add Jackson and Maggie to the list, provided that they’re able to make it through whatever is going on in that fog.

This is going to be an exciting season 16 just because of how it tests people. Meredith’s going to have to square off with the legal system, for example, and she’s not anywhere near as qualified to do that as she is taking on serious medical ailments. Meanwhile, Teddy and Owen will have to figure out what their relationship is to go along with how they want to function as parents. For Jo, she needs to figure out how to undergo treatment and move forward; meanwhile, Levi and Nico have a new relationship and there’s still a lot to be mined from that as they figure out whether or not it can last.

Big surprise in general: Grey’s Anatomy has a lot going on moving into the new season. Even though we’ve been here before, there is still something exciting about it.

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