Is Jesse Williams leaving Grey’s Anatomy? Where is Jackson? (season 15 finale review)

Grey's Anatomy finale - JacksonTonight, the Grey’s Anatomy season 15 finale seemed to do a reasonable job of stressing out the majority of its fanbase — and we don’t even think it matters who some of your favorite characters are. Not only were there a wide array of cliffhangers, but they ranged in severity depending on which direction you looked in.

Let’s begin here at the end of the episode, where what we saw is more defined by what we did not see — Jackson Avery in the fog. We’re ending this season wondering where he is, if he’s dead, and if Jesse Williams is leaving the show. We don’t necessarily think that he would willingly leave Maggie in the middle of the fog, even if the two were having some issues. After falling in the creek earlier in the episode, did he pass out? Did something else happen to him?

No matter what, we have to think that this ending is a little bit more significant than just Jackson popping himself out of the fog and proclaiming that he is okay.

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Now, let’s get to the other rampant craziness that took place within the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and beyond. For Teddy, the great news is that it seems as though she’s ready to meet her baby as we saw her start to give birth tonight. Meanwhile, Owen decided that he was ready to choose and through a conversation with Teddy it seemed that he was getting ready to maybe propose … is that the right environment this? We’re not going to tell Owen what is going to work or not work for him in this situation. Only he’s going to be able to be the judge of that in general, we should just be happy that he is able to make some sort of decision at all. That’s not exactly something that happens for him on the regular.

For Jo, meanwhile, she was able to make the best decision for herself — inpatient therapy. Meredith decided to tell Alex some of what Jo is going through — we wondered whether Jo would be upset about that, but she seemed to be okay with it. Instead, after scrubbing in for a day and doing everything that she could to save Gus (mission accomplished, by the way), she decided to actually get treatment and (per Alex’s conversation with Bailey) she will hope to get better on the other side of it. She’s making the decision now that she really should have made a number of weeks ago, but she was not prepared for it at that time.

Probably some of the worst news of all in the episode came in the direction of Meredith, Alex, and Richard, whose jobs may all be in serious jeopardy for their roles in the insurance fraud scandal/cover-up. Meredith’s argument seems to be that what she did was justified, and the consequences of what she did were not anywhere near as bad as not properly treating the patient. In her mind, the ends justified the means and that seems to be the position that she’s ready to take to the police or whoever else has an opinion on it.

With that in mind, Meredith went to DeLuca late in the episode and made it clear to him that she is going to take the fall for what happened and she is ready to brace herself for the future … but she’s also going to fight it with as good a defense as possible. She also loves him, and that confession, scary as it was for her, may have been one of the most important moments on the show this year. Even if the relationship doesn’t last, this represents Meredith saying that she is ready to love again. We can’t speak enough to how important that is.

Love was also in the air elsewhere — or at least a further progression towards that. For Amelia, she recognized that she does have feelings for Link and may be interested in it being more than just a rebound. What’s the operative word there? May. She needs time, but luckily, Link seems to be okay with that. For Link, the #1 priority here was clearly that he just wanted to know something. It is better than staring into a future that could immediately end with heartbreak.

For Levi and Nico, they’re inching ever closer and Levi told his mother than the two are intertwined. All things considered, she accepted it — she at least seemed to be kind enough to let Nico eat some of her soup after a bad week.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This episode of Grey’s Anatomy delivered all sorts of feels — romantic ones, sad ones, and plenty of punch-in-your-stomach ones. This was the best episode of the past few weeks and a necessary one. It sets up some dark times for Maggie and a larger mystery about Jackson … and it does make us wonder what’s going to happen romantically for some of the best Grey Sloan couples out there.

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