NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 finale video: Catherine Bell’s first scene!

Catherine BellJust in case you were wondering how Catherine Bell factors into the NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 finale as Mac, we come bearing good news — or rather, we at least come bearing the first scene of the character in action.

If you look at the sneak peek below, you can get as grand of an introduction as someone can offer within an action-packed season finale. Hetty is speaking with Harm remotely, and she informs him that she knows someone who could be of great help to the case. The moment that she mentions her position, he knows immediately who she’s talking about. The music plays, and Benn enters the frame as Mac. It’s a powerful moment and reunion … though it’s also one with some serious question marks.

As excited as we are to see Harm and Mac back on the same show again so many years removed from JAG, this sneak peek does also ask another inevitable question: What’s going on when it comes to the distance between them? Note that we are talking here more about emotional distance than anything physical, as it does seem fairly clear that there is something that is holding them back. Maybe it is a justification for why Harm isn’t wearing a wedding ring or at least an update on if something happened between the two.

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Here is the central struggle that lies within this scene — while in some ways we’re thrilled to see the two of them together, simultaneously we’re also filled with concern that the JAG reunion ends up being somewhat of a sad one. We think that viewers of that show loved the idea of these two riding off into the sunset together, and if something else happens, it’s time to cry into the nearest pillow. The best-case scenario is that they are still together, but just separated by their jobs and being on other sides of the world. The worst-case scenario is … well, do we really have to spell that out? They’re not together and the world is suddenly a little less happy.

Obviously, we recognize that the entire season 10 finale is not the “let’s watch and see what Mac and Harm’s status is” show. Instead, it’s about these two helping the NCIS: Los Angeles team root out some terrorist sympathizers and make the world a little bit safer. While there are sometimes cases that this team takes on that are a little more regional and specific to just a couple of characters, this is one of those of the variety of “if something goes wrong, the entire world falls off its axis.” Be prepared for one big wallop after the next, leading up to what could be a cliffhanger within the closing minutes.

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