SWAT season 3 premiere date hopes for Shemar Moore, cast

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Following tonight’s finale, we have a good feeling that you’re going to want some more details on SWAT season 3. How could you not, all things considered? There’s a lot of important stuff to focus on still when it comes to the future of the series, but let’s start with the fact that there IS, in fact, a future.

We’re sure that a lot of people out there had a SWAT season 3 on their metaphorical ratings radar, so we suppose that there is nothing altogether surprising about that news coming out now. However, there may be something still surprising about the timeslot shift that’s coming. For the first time since the premiere, SWAT is moving off of Thursdays and then over to Wednesdays, where it will air at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time following new episodes of SEAL Team. Personally, we look at this as a case of good and bad news.

The good news – We’re going to see SWAT have a good lead-in, one that seems to be at least reasonably similar in tone! It may be a boost to this show and SEAL Team both if they can form a one-two punch of great action, one right after the next on Wednesday night.

The bad news – We don’t necessarily love the idea of SWAT facing off against Chicago PD, given that these two shows are ones that have a pretty similar sort of edginess and they could have a pretty hefty crossover audience. Effectively, it’s a move that could hurt both of them. (This is without even considering private eye show Slumptown, which may be able to get some traction on ABC when it premieres this fall. Nothing is confirmed there, but it is something worth thinking about.)

So when will SWAT be back?

Think late September, since there’s no real reason for it to be pushed back any later than that. There’s a lot to be excited about and, beyond just emotion, we’re sure that everyone recognizes that they’ve got a great opportunity now to lift this show to the next level. They’re so close to syndication (which typically comes after four seasons) and if they can get there, that will allow them an opportunity to be able to make so much more money and have greatest success down the line. This is a show with a loyal audience, so hopefully, they stick with them with the timeslot change. That, or some sort of shocking sputtering-out with the story (which seems unlikely), are really the only two things that could end up holding this show back to some degree.

For some other news right now when it comes to SWAT…

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