Is Stephanie Sigman leaving SWAT, Jessica Cortez after season 2 finale?

SWATIs Stephanie Sigman leaving SWAT following the events of the season 2 finale? The wheels were certainly turning in the writers’ room at the time this episode was put to paper, and obviously, they want you thinking about it.

The end of things for Jessica Cortez hinted that she may be taking off to undertake a new training program. The good news is that it only seems to be lasting for five weeks — however, what happens to her on the other side of it? The concern here is that this puts her on a road where the character does not come back? Our concern is, of course, that the show may opt for some sort of shake-up at this point, which we’re not fully into with this character. Think in terms of the relationship that she’s had with Hondo and the established bonds that are already there. These are bonds that were crafted over forty episodes and it’s pretty hard for someone else to jump in there and be able to fill any sort of void.

If there’s a good reason to hope that there will be more Jessica on SWAT season 3, it’s that there is no official word out there (at least as of right now) that the character is gone for good. Often, when a character does definitively depart in a finale, there are statements, declarations, and the like. We’ll take the silence on the subject at the moment as a good thing. There’s certainly more story to tell with her, especially when it comes to her career and her relationship with Hondo both.

This little cliffhanger-of-sorts comes after an episode where there was a lot of danger for Jessica and others, as there was also one of the more dangerous versions of kangaroo court imagine. Most of the time when you hear those two words, the immediate implication that goes along with it is something rather silly and comical. This, however, was a little bit different. Even if it did have a strong story-of-the-week element to it, kudos to the SWAT team (and by this, we mean the writers and producers) for finding a way to come up with one of the most intense missions to wrap up the season that we’ve seen so far this year.

For now, just embrace the intensity of tonight’s story and hold out hope that Jessica will be a part of the team again. Until we hear otherwise, this is precisely what we’re going to do. (If there is a time when major network shows loved to have you very much concerned over the future of one of the characters, it is the finale — bar none. They love to make you sit with something for the better part of the next few months on end.)

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What do you think about the SWAT season 2 finale as a whole, and are you bummed out that Jessica is even leaving temporarily? Be sure to share below, and check back soon for some other insight. (Photo: CBS.)

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