Grey’s Anatomy season 16 premiere date hopes, expectations

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With tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy finale airing on ABC tonight, we’re obviously eager to get some answers to all the carrots they dangled in front of us (we are going to have a lot to discuss this summer!). That also includes when season 16 could end up airing.

If you missed it, earlier this week the network first dropped the news that the new season will premiere in the same exact timeslot that the medical drama’s been in over the past few years — think in terms of Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. This is a show that has routinely dominated this timeslot … but it’s really dominated everywhere. Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most dominant shows on all TV, so it’s no wonder that ABC won’t want to mess around with the scheduling magic that already works. That’s why you can also expect it back in late September, which is when it’s always back. Sometimes, it gets a two-hour premiere, but it’s a little too early to ring the bell on that.

The one clear difference this fall versus the last one? Spin-off show Station 19 will be joining it at midseason while A Million Little Things is taking over the timeslot for the fall.

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Season 16 expectations

Obviously, we should note that there are some HUGE spoilers within the rest of this article from tonight’s finale, so don’t read on unless you are fully in-the-know about what transpired.

At the end of tonight, our principal cliffhanger was Jackson disappearing into the fog after stepping out of the car to survey the situation. Is he dead, was he captured, or did some other terrible, Grey’s Anatomy sort of fate befall him? Resolving this is the #1 priority and the writers need to take a long, hard look at finding a way to make this interesting that’s not just Jackson popping back up A-Okay. We want Jesse Williams on the show still, but there’s gotta be some drama. There hasn’t been for Jaggie in a while.

Then, you also have to resolve what’s going on with Owen, Teddy and their baby — yes, there are some other priorities, but we don’t exactly think that any of them are surpassing the moment of this birth. We also need to know if Teddy is going to be as committed to Owen as he now seems to be to her. We know that this is Owen, so we don’t wanna guarantee that he’s suddenly going to be Mr. Decisive, just because he had a little bit of therapy. Speaking of therapy, let’s hope that Jo gets better.

Finally, there’s what’s going on with Meredith Grey and her decision to take the fall at the end of the season for what happened with the insurance fraud. She was the primary one responsible, so that is obviously something that she’s going to have to deal with. Sure, it seems like Alex and Webber’s jobs are also on the line, but she’s going to have to be the person to fight on this and make some of the necessary decisions and work in order to get the best possible defense. She’s got DeLuca’s love, and most importantly, he knows that he has hers. That was one of the chief mysteries coming into this season.


Despite what’s going on with Teddy, Koracick is sticking around! If you missed it, Gregg Germann, Chris Carmack, and Jake Borelli are all set to be series regulars for season 16.

For more news on tonight’s finale…

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