Is Freema Agyeman leaving New Amsterdam? Is Helen Sharpe dead?

New AmsterdamThroughout tonight’s New Amsterdam finale on NBC, it was certainly clear that the producers were ready and willing to kill someone off. The question was mostly A) who that person was and then B) how they were going to go about having it happen.

Well, the bad news is that it seems as though someone is dead based on the end of the episode. The question here is #1 who that person is and #2 what their death could mean. Really, it feels like there are still a lot of possibilities, but we’re perhaps the most worried about Helen Sharpe and pretty much whatever could be happening to her at the moment. Where was she through the end of the episode? What could’ve happened to her?

Based on what happened to the ambulance and the accident tonight, one thing seems to be clear: Max and the baby Luna seem to be alive. However, there are three lives clearly in jeopardy — Helen Sharpe, Dr. Bloom, and then also Georgia. We know that Bloom’s in bad shape, but for Sharpe, everything is up in the air. That’s something that executive producer Peter Horton noted further in an interview with TVLine:

All of the questions that you have around this, like, “Why haven’t we seen Sharpe? Who’s under the sheet? Is Bloom dead? Is Georgia going to make it?” All of those are questions we want everyone to be asking. Indeed, someone dies, as you can see by the sheet.

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So with that in mind, be worried about someone. The question here really is who it is. Losing Georgia is, unfortunately, probably the easiest conclusion given the fact that she’s the one character of the bunch (save for the baby) who is not a series regular, and her death would completely shake up Max’s life. Remember that this is someone who is also dying of cancer, and that makes everything perhaps even crazier than it would be otherwise.

Season 2, regardless of whatever happens, will be forever changed by this. Maybe Dr. Bloom goes back to being a doctor, and maybe Dr. Sharpe is okay. If one of them dies, that obviously is dramatic … but anything is dramatic. With this finale, New Amsterdam clearly showed precisely what kind of show that it wants to be — and it’s an absolutely insane one with surprises around every turn.

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