NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 finale video: What’s Mac & Harm’s status?

Catherine BellAs we prepare for the NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 finale on Tuesday night, we can’t help but have questions aplenty — but strangely, not so much pertaining the show itself. Instead, a lot of it is geared towards Mac and Harm from JAG and what’s been going on in the years that followed that show.

Are they actually together in the present? We wonder, given mostly the way that they speak to one another in the short period of time that we’ve got them in the promo. The fear here is obviously that something happened to the two of them in the time between the end of that show and the episode on Sunday — we can’t just ignore the fact that they are on different sides of the world from one another. Is it possible that they’re speaking to one other in a slightly-guarded manner just because they’re trying to be professional with others in the room? Maybe — these two certainly do want to follow a little bit of classic protocol.

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We don’t think that the writers of this show would want to do anything to disappoint diehard JAG fans, so we’re still hoping for the best. We also do think that they could be setting up for something more in the future, provided of course that there’s enough enthusiasm on the other side of these episodes airing. We definitely know that there was a lot of enthusiasm going into this past episode and we saw some of that in the ratings — this episode posted the show’s highest total viewership since the move to 10:00 p.m., one that has not been altogether favorable. (We can’t say that we’re totally shocked by this — how in the world did CBS think that they were going to be able to get great numbers this late at night, especially with The Red Line coming close to being a ratings flatline?)

Anyhow, this episode should serve as one last nod to JAG fans and, beyond that, hopefully give some closure to some other storylines that have been going on for a good while. Take, for example, learning more about the status of Eric and Nell, and whether or not they will remain in Los Angeles long-term. It’s also possible that there could be another storyline that unfolds during the finale that totally blindsides us altogether — it’s finale season, after all, and NCIS as a franchise is able to pull off some really big swings here and there.

Will it be able to top the sheer craziness of the most-recent finale? That is where yous tart to set the bar sky-high.

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