Hawaii Five-0 season 9 finale video: What’s next for Junior, Tani?

Hawaii Five-0

With the Hawaii Five-0 season 9 finale coming to CBS on Friday night, we are at a point where stories are going to reach their peak. In some cases, we’re talking about peak action. Meanwhile, with others, we’re talking about peak drama. One way or another, we can guarantee seemingly that things are going to be more exciting than they’ve ever been.

With Junior and Tani, meanwhile, our question is rather simple: What comes next for them? The writers have done a brilliant job with these characters the past two years, building up the chemistry slowly and giving them a chance to spend a lot of memorable time together. Think about their story during the heat wave episode, a little bit of wedding-party dance moves, or more emotional stuff, like what we saw this past episode. Junior deciding to forgive the man responsible for his sister’s death was a huge moment for him, one that allowed him to try and get a larger sense of inner peace and try not to hold onto anger.

Yet, there could be consequences of this decision, especially if this man ends up getting parole. Think about the checkered relationship that Junior has with his father and what could spiral out from that moment. Where will this relationship go now? If Junior’s father is angry at his son, that could cause a fissure that is almost impossible to fully replace. It could take a lot of time and, in turn, a lot of effort to get the two better.

Tani can be there for him during the finale no matter what happens — the sneak peek below (via SpoilerTV) gives you at least a small window into a moment that she and Junior have. Will it turn romantic? It’s really going to be all about timing. If Junior is dealing with sadness, pain, or anger, it may not be the right time in the finale. Yet, we do have a feeling that we’re building towards something here in due time. What’s nice about the way that the relationship has been built is that there’s such a friendship here and already a close bond. It’s because of this that we’re confident that everything you like about these two will still be there even if the two get together. That’s such a good feeling since with any TV relationship, you want to feel as good about the couple being together (if it happens) as you did during the longing period when they were apart.

We’ll see what happens with Junior and Tani on Friday’s new episode, but it’s certainly on our radar already.

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