Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 breaks ANOTHER ratings record

Game of ThronesBefore Game of Thrones comes to a close, there is a reasonable chance here that we could be looking at even MORE ratings records being shattered.

For more on that, just take a look at some of the latest numbers. This past episode entitled “The Bells” drew over 18 million viewers across all of the network’s platforms — which include repeats, HBO GO, and HBO NOW streams. This makes this episode the biggest one to date for the series, and that also sets the stage for a finale event like no other. Is it possible that Game of Thrones topples out at over 20 million? We’re certainly not ruling this out at the moment, but it’s going to be close.

You could argue that there is a reason for numbers to slip ever so slightly, at least in that this past episode did prove to be one of the most polarizing of the entire series’ run. One of the chief criticisms is the transformation of Daenerys from likable underdog earlier on in this series to full-on villain, one responsible largely for the destruction of King’s Landing as we know it. This is certainly something that people have opinions on all across the map, but with the show so close to the finish line, there may be a number of people who still finish it out even if you don’t love the way in which things are going.

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The series finale, airing this Sunday, is going to present us with an opportunity to see the aftermath of the attack on King’s Landing and if characters like Tyrion, Arya, or Jon Snow will be willing to take on the Mother of Dragons — or, just allow her kingdom to be what it was. After deciding that she would rule the Seven Kingdoms based on fear, it is certainly possible that she will try to force Sansa to bend the knee or threaten the destruction of Winterfell. We’ve gone from one enemy in the Night King to another in Cersei and now another in quite possibly her, and we don’t know how the writers are going to be able to tie together this battle and give us some sort of reasonable epilogue on the other side of this.

If there’s one prevailing criticism that we’ve got at the moment to the final season, it’s a simple matter of pacing — there was so much put into the first six seasons and ever since we saw the order cut down to seven last season and now six, it doesn’t feel like we’ve got enough in the way of development anymore.

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