NCIS season 16 episode 23 spoilers: The aftermath of Gibbs’ reveal…

Mark HarmonEntering NCIS season 16 episode 23 on CBS Tuesday, one thing feels very much clear: Gibbs’ secret isn’t going to go away so easily.

Judging from how “…And Executioner” ended, there was a case to be made that we may not actually hear that much about Gibbs and Hernandez again. The agents made it clear that they weren’t going to dwell too much on some of what came out with it and with that in mind, we assumed that this episode would represent McGee, Bishop, and Torres taking a step forward.

Yet, it seems like everything is not exactly as it once seemed. In a new sneak peek below from this episode (which you can see over at the link here), you see Torres, Bishop, and McGee all going over the thing that supposedly, they weren’t going to talk about. Why is that? Apparently, Bishop and McGee are losing sleep over it because they are having a hard time really fathoming how someone who they consider to be such a hero and a personal rock would be okay doing something like this. It’s not the Gibbs that they know and because of that, it’s sticking with them more than they thought. They haven’t been in the spot that Gibbs was with Hernandez and because of that, they have a hard time reconciling him killing someone in cold blood … even if that someone is responsible for killing his family.

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Torres, meanwhile, has a different perspective — he understands where Gibbs is coming from and it’s clear it’s not bothering him anywhere near as much. This may come from Nick’s natural proclivity to break the rules (though he doesn’t usually go HERE with them), or it could come from him just doing so much undercover work that he understands that sometimes, you do live in a world of gray areas where not everything is so hunky-dory all of the time. Sometimes there is a little bit more darkness, and sometimes that makes you decide to do something that you think is right in the moment, even if it’s not legal.

We’re not sure that there is ever going to be a firm answer as to what is right and wrong here, but in the end, Gibbs interrupts the conversation (as he is one to do). Gibbs isn’t exactly going to be numb from the big reveal himself, as during this episode it’s going to be clear that he is struggling. You can read more over at the link here, but at one point in this story, things get so bad that he decides to pay a visit to Dr. Grace Confalone.

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