The Enemy Within episode 13 (finale) spoilers: Shepherd’s true allegiance

The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within episode 13 is coming to NBC next week, and it is the finale that could melt minds and alter some of the course of the series. It could also end up being the final episode of the series as a whole.

One of the things that is so weird entering this particular episode is how there’s no news out there on the future, mostly because NBC had their upfront today. This was the perfect time in order to make something clear, but we’re probably going to have to ride the remainder of this journey out. We’ll see what the final two episodes hold, what the ratings are, and then the series can go from there.

As for what’s coming up in terms of the upcoming story, check out The Enemy Within episode 13 synopsis that CarterMatt has for you below:

05/20/2019 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Monday) : SEASON FINALE: Tal’s war on the CIA expands to two fronts. Keaton and the Cointel team must locate the domestic target before Chigorin launches an all-out assault on the unsuspecting innocents. Shepherd convinces Keaton to let her go to Cuba to thwart Tal’s attack on Sierra Maestra, the CIA’s secret detention center imprisoning his operatives. Shepherd’s ever-shifting allegiance raises the question if she is there to stop Tal or join him? TV-14 V

So basically, you can sum up the finale for The Enemy Within as this — it’s all about a test of Shepherd’s true allegiance and an opportunity for us to find some answers. What this finale needs to give us is at least a sense of what Erica’s plans are and, coupled with that, if these are some of the plans that she’s had for this whole time. A big part of what could make this season work so well is that through every part of it, there has been a prevailing sense of mystery. You’ve never quite known just where Shepherd stood and what we’re really hoping for is that when some of those answers are revealed, we can almost go back in time and view some of her actions through that lens — such as if she really knew this whole time that she would eventually find her place in Cuba in order to take down Tal’s operation personally.

Another interesting twist could be this: What if Shepherd was originally a traitor, but through the course of this series, really did opt to change course because of the strength and integrity of some of the people she’s working with now? It’s at least something to think about.

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Then be sure to head over here! Obviously, we’ll have more on both the finale and the season 2 status of the show when they start to roll in.

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