Survivor: Edge of Extinction returning player wishlist: Who should come back?

Edge of ExtinctionLeading up to the Survivor: Edge of Extinction finale on CBS Wednesday night, we are back in order to continue an every-season tradition — speculating on which players could come back for another season.

Of course, trying to do it for this particular season was … difficult, and that’s putting it likely. One of the challenges here was trying to figure out who got enough screen time and was a notable-enough character. Editing-wise this has been a fairly unbalanced batch of episodes and, beyond that, we’ve also invested a lot of time into returning players when only one of them (provided they return from Extinction) has a chance of winning the game.

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Who’s a lock for another invite?

Rick Devens – It’s not a great season when there’s really only one person who we’d put in this category, but Devens has just been so charismatic and entertaining — he’s basically drove the story for the past two episodes — that it’s hard to envision a scenario in which he does not get asked back.

Possible candidates

Wardog DaSilva – He did play a strong strategic game for a good part of the season and established a reputation as someone who is almost constantly thinking about the game and rarely ever paused to think about anything else. His biggest flaw may have just been taking out other threats to early.

Lauren O’Connell – While she may not be the biggest personality from this season, we think that she’s shown herself to be a solid competitor and someone willing to do whatever she can to win in between finding an idol and making sure she’s got allies. She’s easily the sort of person who could come back and do really well.

Fringe contenders

Reem Daly – Yes, there is a part of this that seems completely crazy, but also remember that Reem is really one of the people who made the Edge of Extinction twist tolerable. She’s undergone such a journey there and really, proved herself to be so snarky that we want more of her on TV … though we’re not altogether confident that she could ever go far on a given season.

Gavin Whitson – While he’s not a huge personality, he’s a little in the Lauren camp — a likable player with enough of a presence that he could end up being a notable part of another season. If he manages to win Edge of Extinction, that certainly will help his odds.

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