911 season 2 finale review: A surprise wedding; is Buck okay?

9-1-1 season 2 episode 2

It’s hard to believe that we have reached the 9-1-1 season 2 finale already, but here we are! This season has amped up the rescues and amped up the drama raising the bar to that next level. So much so that this show has already formed a new spin-off coming up starring Rob Lowe called 9-1-1: Lone Star (you can read more about that here). For tonight though, we are focused on one thing only and that’s how they are going to wrap up this crazy second season?

Ultimately, a bomb scare was one of the real focal points of the finale tonight — but, beyond that, we also had the status of Buck. His life was on the line for a certain part of the episode, which meant that he was the recipient of the rather-frequent “here’s a character whose life is on the line” story. He made it through, but that is some of the good news. He does still have to think of life in terms of whether or not he’s going to be able to handle this dangerous life long-term, but that’s a question for another day.

Basically, what Buck needs to figure out moving forward is whether or not he can find an identity that is not just life as a firefighter. He’s attached so much of his identity to it and because of that, he’s scared to imagine what his life could be without it. This is why he’s decided to undergo another surgery, even if he probably shouldn’t be running that risk right now. He’s putting himself in danger when he really doesn’t need.

As for some other good news when it comes to relationships, things are going rather well when it comes to Maddie and Chimney, as the two are going to be finding a way to continue their relationship — obviously, they’ve been through quite a lot this season with Chimney almost dying.

Also, Eddie’s probationary status is over! At the end of the episode, he had a nice, touching moment as he got to be officially firefighter Diaz. That’s a promotion he’s been waiting for and a status he will carry with him. In his own way, he didn’t want to let go of that or whatever his life could look like elsewhere. That’s why he didn’t want to leave the greater Los Angeles area if he could possibly help it.

Was there a cliffhanger?

This was certainly something we wondered through most of the closing seconds, as Bobby apparently decided that he and Athena should go ahead and get married. This was wonderful … but we were also immediately concerned that soon after, something else was going to happen. Ultimately, though, the two actually were able to go to the courthouse in order to have their ceremony. it was very sweet but we did leave this season without a real major cliffhanger to keep us talking all summer.

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CarterMatt Verdict

In the end, this is a finale that you’re going to love, but also one that was not all that crazy — other than at least the wedding. It was happy, pleasant, and almost a breath of fresh air after all of the craziness this season. Maybe this was the finale we really needed, after all.

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