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With the finale airing in just a matter of hours, isn’t there no better time to take a look at the 911 season 3 premiere date hopes? We’re going to examine that within this article — and luckily, we’ve gotten a good bit of news on the subject already today.

This morning, Fox first revealed that they are going to be airing the third season on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time — so basically, an hour earlier on the schedule than what they’ve done this season. The primary reason for that is to make room for the upcoming new series Prodigal Son, one that they’re feeling really optimistic about judging from all that we’ve heard the past week or so. Format-wise, we have a feeling that Fox is going to want to structure the show the same way that they always have — giving us a handful of episodes in the fall and then another one in the spring. They’ve actually established the perfect hiatus programming for themselves now in 911: Lone Star. There were plans over the weekend for a new version of the franchise starring Rob Lowe, one that could be set in Austin. It wasn’t on the fall schedule, so the plan here seems to be to bring this version out when we get around to January or February … but time will tell there.

Expect to see 911 season 3 on the air, meanwhile, when we get around to September … late September, most likely. Story-wise, do we really have to say too much more than the fact that there’s going to be a lot of crazy crises for some of these characters — and also some potentially near-death situations? We think that there’s ironically a whole lot of life left in a series that really is all about death.

Fox will formally release premiere dates a little bit later this summer, probably before the cast and crew of 911 reconvene in order to start making the next chapter of this story. One of the trends that we definitely hope continues throughout the upcoming batch of episodes is continuing to give us so many of these delightful origin-story installments. They do stand out amidst the rest of the pack, and they do actually make us so much more attached to the characters. That’s why we end up caring as much as we do when an episode like “Chimney Begins” airs — we’ve forged a closer connection to him and because of that, we didn’t want him to die.

Hopefully, the majority (or the entirety) of the cast ends up returning for 911 season 3, but that is obviously something that we won’t know a whole lot more about until either later tonight or even the fall, if producers keep a secret.

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