The Masked Singer season 3 will have post-Super Bowl slot

The Masked SingerThe Masked Singer has been a pretty enormous success story on Fox already, and they’ve found a way to pay it back.

Today, the network confirmed that the upcoming third season of their silly singing show (we mean silly in all of the best possible ways) is going to be premiering following the Super Bowl — basically, ensuring that it has the best possible lead-in. With this news in mind, you basically have to assume already that the show is going to have some sort of NFL talent present, even if it’s another Antonio Brown — someone who really can’t sing that incredibly, but will at least bring some charisma and style to the show. (We’re somewhat disappointed that Brown didn’t appear after his Steelers saga, that way the Mr. Big Chest nickname he gave himself could be incorporated.)

Anyhow, in case you’re wondering why we are talking about season 3 right now as opposed to season 2, here’s your simple answer — the second season is premiering this fall and will be wrapped up before the holidays. It will then go on a short hiatus, and then clearly return after the big game.

You can absolutely expect plenty of The Masked Singer coming up given that this is one of Fox’s biggest hits since Empire (now ending with season 6) first made a splash. It generated a ton of live viewership alongside social-media discussion, though it was a far from perfect product — one of our biggest criticisms of the series was the fact that the singers’ identities were a little bit too easy to figure out much of the time. The clues were too obvious, and they lucked out in a way that the winner in T-Pain (the Monster) was the one person a lot of people struggled to figure out for a better part of the season.

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Odds are, today will probably be one of the last times you hear about The Masked Singer for a while and that is absolutely for the best. One of the reasons why this show does work as well as it does is because of its secrecy; you don’t really want people to know when it’s filming since that’s when you could have people starting to watch around and figure out who is performing. So much of its success is based on the fact that nobody knows for sure who is under the masks, even if sometimes the voices or the clues make it obvious. (We do of course think that even with better clues, The Masked Singer still is going to have struggles keeping things under wraps at times — think about Donny Osmond and his super-recognizable voice.)

What do you think about The Masked Singer getting the post-Super Bowl slot for this upcoming third season? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and we suggest staying tuned for more updates. (Photo: Fox.)

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