NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 23 review: How Harm returned

NCIS: Los Angeles

Tonight, NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 23 gave us a JAG reunion like no other, and to go along with that, a terrorist attack that could cause chaos on a global scale.

In the early going tonight, Sam and Callen got a good sense that there were some terrorist sympathizers who could very well end up sending much of the world into utter bedlam. However, questions still remained — including just where in the world these people were.

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As it turns out, some of these ISIS sympathizers turned up being aboard the USS Allegiance, one of the most important vessels in the entire fleet. This also just so happens to be where Harmon Rabb Jr. was operating, and that, of course, led to us getting the big reveal that a former JAG cast member was on the show.

Here’s the question that you do have to wonder — was there really enough of a proper reintroduction to the Harm character in here? For all of the hype and promotion leading up to this particular episode, we didn’t really get all that much air time for him. Instead, he showed up at the tail end of the episode, right when we were starting to get the sense that there were ties to this operation that may have originated so much earlier on this season. At least know coming out of this episode is that Harm is going to be working with Sam and Callen in order to help them in just about any way that he can aboard the allegiance.

What did Harm tell the team? He informed Sam and Callen about a missing crew member in Special Agent Lee … and that has Sam and Callen raising eyebrows about what’s next. They knew that there were potentially two dangerous people on board the ship, and they may have been using some sort of gaming platform in order to ensure that they could communicate.

What’s going on with Nell?

It was a sad story for her tonight in the end, as her mother’s health was in crisis and, in the middle of the mission, she found herself in a position where she transferred herself back up to San Francisco in order to be with her during her time of great need.

CarterMatt Verdict

Consider this episode basically the calm before the storm when it comes to setting up the events of the finale. It was a little bit of a slow build, as it took the writers a little bit of time in order to get to where they wanted to get with this. Nonetheless, all of this set the table for an exciting, action-packed finale that really has us waiting with bated breath in order to see how this story is precisely going to end.

As for seeing Harm again, it’s easy to call that all sorts of awesomeness.

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