Family Guy season 18 premiere date hopes: When could it return?

Family GuyFollowing tonight’s finale, do you find yourself curious as to when the Family Guy season 18 premiere date could be? If so, we’re happy to pass that information along!

Before we dive into that, though, why not offer up a reminder or two as to why we’re in this spot in the first place? It’s not often that a show makes it eighteen seasons on the air, and this one has had a longer run than virtually any primetime series on the air right now not named either The Simpsons or Law & Order: SVU. This is a series that has made its living off of irreverent comedy, small little gags, and then also airing in syndication. The latter really helped in order to ensure that this is a series that had a long life for itself, as we’ve seen it now manage to overcome some odds, and even also withstand the departure of Seth MacFarlane as one of the chief creative voices. While he’s certainly still involved and voices several characters, he’s not driving the story as he once was.

Even though Family Guy may not necessarily be a huge ratings warrior at the moment over at Fox, it really doesn’t matter. Why is that? Just think in terms of its Hulu performance … and that significant syndication deal to go along with it. This is a show that just makes SO much money across a number of different forms that there’s little reason to think that it can’t have a rather enormous run still.

So as for when season 18 will premiere, think along the lines of late September/early October. If you’re a longtime Family Guy viewer on Fox, there’s a good chance that you know the drill. You know when the series is coming on the air and, beyond just that, when it’s probably going to air, as well. There’s a reasonable airing schedule that’s been established. It’s going to premiere at some point in September or early October, and, beyond that, it’s going to run until we get around to May.

What do we think is coming story-wise?

There’s a chance that there could be some sort of follow-up from the finale storyline with the election — or, we could series instead shift over in some other interesting directions. We know that for us, the main point of curiosity we’ve got is seeing if this show tries to really play up some broad comedy tonight — or, if we do have a chance to see them go in a different direction and try to take on humor that is a little bit more topical and specific. No matter which way they go, there’s comedic potential, but we do think that Family Guy needs to push the envelope at this point.

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