Is Tom Hughes leaving Victoria; is Prince Albert dead? (season 3 finale)


Is Tom Hughes leaving Victoria following the events of the season 3 finale, and is Prince Albert actually dead on the series?

Yep, we totally understand if you are asking these questions right now, mostly because the finale tonight wants you to be pondering that. In the closing minutes of the big episode tonight, you saw Albert seemingly unconscious, as Jenna Coleman’s Victoria rushed over in order to help him. This is undoubtedly a dramatic ending for a very dramatic series, but we are also not done with this tale (presumably) just yet.

At the moment, all signs point towards Victoria coming back for a season 4 and per what we know about history, it isn’t quite Albert’s time to go just yet. With that, we have to assume that we’ll see the character again — though it does remain a curious choice for a series like Victoria, a show based on history, to end with a cliffhanger that can be easily cross-checked.

Ultimately, the reason why the producers opted to do this is to simply send a chill down someone’s spine out there, and to get you all the more concerned about these characters. Since Albert on the show is, in some ways, different from Albert in real life, it’s understandable to worry. We’ve forged a connection with this character after watching him on the show for so long. We also love Tom’s performance and the nuance that he brings to the character, one based only in historical record.

The biggest thing to remember

Based on the current timeline for the series, we still have around ten years to go until we’re at the point in which Albert dies. Because of that, we’re not altogether worried and you shouldn’t be either.

As a matter of fact, depending on the sort of story that Victoria wants to tell, it’s certainly possible that we never make it to the point where Albert actually dies. If Victoria wants to mostly examine this point in the Queen’s life, they can keep Coleman and Hughes around for a good while. Ultimately, we’ll find out more about that over in the next several months — at least after a season 4 renewal is official. (There’s no reason to be overly concerned about at the moment.)

We suppose the biggest cliffhanger to us is if Victoria chooses to age up these characters several years, will Hughes and Coleman still end up playing them? We like to think so, and that Hughes can effectively play Albert through the end of his life. For Victoria, that’s obviously a different story given that she has quite the long life even after Albert’s tragic death.

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