The Durrells season 4 finale review: Was the ending what you expected?

The DurrellsTonight, The Durrells season 4 finale, otherwise known as the series finale, arrived on ITV and as a result of that, there was an important question worth asking: Will the Durrells have to leave Corfu? They’ve called this place their home but with the threat of war, they have to recognize that staying where they are is not a great way to ensure their safety any longer.

There was such an obvious air of sadness in much of what we saw tonight, whether it be Gerry having to dismantle his makeshift zoo or Louisa recognizing that in leaving, she could also have to leave her relationship with Spiros in the past. The two of them have grown close, and despite the idea of them never speaking again last week, that was quickly proven false.

Yet, right when things were about to start, Louisa may have to stop them. Everything may have to stop everything, and it was the threat of Basil who made them realize that they needed to take the threat seriously. Yet, in the midst of everything that the family had going on, they still wanted to prepare for a play. It was a fun production and a way for them to distract themselves and celebrate this magical place that they call home. They did put this on, they had their fun, but then after this, Louisa and Spiros finally had their moment … but it was short-lived. He didn’t want to leave his family and his country, but she wasn’t sure that she could stay. There was beauty within this moment, but there was heartbreak and pain.

Ultimately, it seemed like one of the biggest goals for The Durrells within this finale was to give you some of these sad moments, but also some other ones that are worth a smile and a laugh. Take, for example, the return of Zoltan to reunite with Margo … which was certainly quite awkward for her new love, especially since she contemplated giving up her virginity to him. (For the record, it seems like Margo ended up losing it to Zoltan shortly after he arrived.)

The episode ended tonight with the Durrells family commemorating their time in Corfu with some of the people that they’ve met over the years and, for the first time in a while, much of the family (including Larry) all in one place. Larry actually made it clear that he was going to stay in Corfu and help fight. We wish everyone else could have done the same on paper, but this is a bittersweet, understandable end. Lousia has to keep her family safe, even if it’s hard to imagine them outside of corfu.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode certainly had some romance, but simultaneously, it was one of the sillier finales that we’ve seen in quite some time. How else do you describe Gerry giving away some of his random animals amidst a play where characters were in costumes? It was silly and sweet and sad and everything in between.

We’ll admit that for most of the ending, we anticipated Louisa changing her mind and opting to stay in Corfu, giving the series a (temporarily) happy ending, even if there was a little bit of sadness on the other side of it. That didn’t exactly happen. Perhaps with that, tonight’s episode was a little more teary-eyed than we thought it’d be.

Could there ever be a season 5 for The Durrells?

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