The Durrells season 5: Why isn’t it happening on ITV?

DurrellsTonight marks, unfortunately, the series finale of The Durrells on ITV — or, as you may also call it, the final episode of the show ever. (The term “series finale” has a slightly different meaning here in America, where we typically call batches of episodes “seasons.”) No matter how you look at it, the point here remains the same — we’re saying goodbye to Louisa, Margo, Gerry, Leslie, and many of our other favorites. We’re saying goodbye to picturesque Corfu, a place that we have not often had an opportunity to visit.

Now, let’s start to raise a few hypothetical questions — such as if it’s possible for The Durrells season 5 to ever happen. Is it something that we could end up seeing at some point down the line?

If there is one reason to magically wonder as to whether or not there could be more for The Durrells later on, it is a simple function of the fact that there is always going to be more story to tell with these characters. while we are writing this piece prior to the series finale airing on ITV, it’s hard to sit here and adequately envision an end of this series that features the family all getting killed off. We think that there’s going to be enthusiasm for more of this family eventually, mostly because they are offering something that so few other shows are — think along the lines of a series that makes you laugh, that makes you smile, and also occasionally makes you cry. It has a great cast and also a sense of nostalgia about it.

So why is the series ending? A simple answer to this may just be that within the world of British television, series just don’t stick around all that long. There is a tendency for programs to end after a handful of years, especially in the case where cast members want to go on and do other things. we know in this case that the cast of The Durrells is incredibly busy. Just think about it like this — when it comes to Keeley Hawes, she’s done Bodyguard among many other projects. Some of the kid actors may be eager to broaden their horizons and do some other things. Plus, it is also nice to end a show at a point where you still want a little bit more of the show. It’s a little bit better than the alternative, one where it feels like the ending drags on and you get a little bit more of a show that you would ever possibly want.

For now, it’s best to not assume that any more of The Durrells is going to be coming — but keep the show in your heart and don’t forget about it. You never quite know what the future holds, and after so many other series have been revived over the past few years, we’ve become wise enough to know that anything could happen.

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