Could Blue Bloods season 10 pick up at Jamie, Eddie wedding?

Blue Bloods season 9

We’re not even 24 hours past the Blue Bloods season 9 finale as of this writing, but we do think we’ve gotten a pretty clear sentiment about the Jamie/Eddie wedding from most of the internet. While there may have been a number of things that viewers appreciated it for, there was also one thing that they remain quite upset about — the amount of time actually devoted to it. After spending the past year getting hype on top of hype, we ended up getting a ceremony that was, ultimately, incomplete. We saw Frank walk Eddie down the aisle and … well, that was it. That’s all we’ve got.

Because of the blowback, there is a fair question to wonder right now — is there going to be something more coming on the other side in season 10? Is such an idea possible?

Let’s start things off here by saying this — in theory, anything is possible, but that doesn’t make it likely. It’s rare that shows would cliffhanger a wedding where they give you half of it at the end of this season and then the other half in the next season’s premiere, and there would have to be a pretty compelling reason to do that. Take, for example, the premiere featuring the rest of the wedding and then something crazy that spawns out almost immediately. That’s something that they may not have been able to show fully at the end of season 9, and maybe they opted against some sort of crazy cliffhanger to make viewers feel reasonably satisfied … or at least what they thought would make viewers satisfied. Not exactly the case.

Given that there were so many behind-the-scenes photos and all sorts of other goodies out there about the wedding back from when it was shot, we’ve already heard theories aplenty that maybe the wedding will have more footage shown for the season 9 DVD, or that maybe more was shot for the premiere. (It would be hard for season 10 to bring everyone back, and then rent out the same venue and get the same extras — if they had plans for this, they would have had to figure it out in advance.)

As of right now, it’s easier to just imagine that what we got is it, mostly because we don’t want to create elevated expectations only to disappoint, which is what the wedding feels like in its current form. Yet, we have to think that the writers have seen the reaction to the wedding online today and with that, they may find a way to rectify the situation in season 10.

Then again, also remember this — Blue Bloods didn’t actually show Jamie proposing to Eddie, either. It often does like to make its largest romantic moments small and private, and that could be the case again here.

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