The Blacklist season 6 finale video: Is Reddington getting shot?

Third EstateWe don’t have to tell that The Blacklist season 6 finale is going to be intense — it’s a finale episode! That’s kind of what this show does. It carves out crazy, spectacular stories better than almost anyone out there and it routinely finds ways to get your heart pumping and questioning pretty much everything when it comes to who Reddington really is.

Yet, based solely on the promo below, the larger question to wonder is just one of Reddington’s survival — is the guy going to make it through the finale one piece? Obviously, Anna McMahon is his largest adversary at present, given that she has been trying to come for his demise ever since he was almost put down by lethal injection. She knew he was out to dismantle her conspiracy, quite possibly for some personal reasons that are still not quite known to us. (Doesn’t there have to be more present here than we know at the moment?)

Now, it seems as though Anna is going to have James Spader’s character precisely where she wants him — on the ground, with a gun pointed squarely in the direction of his head. There’s not going to be a whole lot of time for thinking or game-planning; if Anna’s also as smart as we think that she is, then she’s probably not going to waste a whole lot of time before pulling the trigger. The longer that a person monologues, the more likely it is that something goes a little awry with the plan.

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Is there anyone who can save Reddington here? The obvious #1 candidate is Elizabeth Keen, given that she is currently the only member of the Task Force not currently imprisoned by McMahon — if she can find Reddington, she can stop an attack before it happens. Another contender here is Dembe, at least if he decides to come back and help his old friend even after feeling betrayed. We don’t think that it’s going to be easy for him to walk away from this life and Reddington after the two had such a kinship — Dembe felt hurt that Reddington had so much distrust in his intentions, and that he was unraveling and making him live in fear. Perhaps the two men have learned something from this crisis, though, and we’re not sure that there is anywhere that Dembe can go (even if he does have a family somewhere out there) that will make him feel as home as he does around Reddington himself.

No matter what happens, you better believe that this episode, entertainment-wise, could end up being one for the ages. It will set the stage for season 7 and, in the process, show us the actors currently residing on it.

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