The Blacklist season 6 episode 21 review: Katarina Rostova theories; McMahon’s plot

Anna McMahonTonight, The Blacklist season 6 episode 21 brought you “Anna McMahon,” a story that was very much geared around one thing — a dossier. This is the very thing that could take down an entire government, and because of that, Liz Keen and Raymond Reddington are doing whatever they can to find it.

Here is the problem — this episode’s title character is doing the same thing. She understands how dangerous the drive is and because of that, she’s very intent on trying to locate it first. This led to a race against time, mostly because the kid who Bastien Moreau gave it to handed it off, in turn. Almost all of this show was a delicate cat-and-mouse game, as McMahon’s people fought against Reddington and the Task Force in order to ensure that they could get the dossier before anyone else.

Of course, we’ve come to know that whatever was in that dossier was dangerous, and one that contained ALL sorts of delicate information. The government was willing to kill for it … but what some people may not have known is that this plot was a little more complicated than anyone realized.

For most of the season, we’ve been led to believe that Anna McMahon and Robert Diaz were in cahoots on some sort of secret plot; however, it turns out that McMahon is secretly working on an assassination plot, and she is delicately working with Diaz in order to ensure that she keeps the true nature of what she is doing a secret. The only other possible outcome here is that Diaz wants to assassinate himself, which doesn’t want to make any sense. She’s planned out seemingly every last detail, including having the Third Estate present there as a patsy.

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What’s Anna’s next move?

Based on the scene that followed the Task Force discovery’s of the truth, we got confirmation that Anna’s next move is to find a way to pass off what happens with Diaz on Reddington and the rest of the team. Basically, she went to the Task Force, blamed the conspiracy on them, and arrested Cooper and a number of his agents.

Apparently, this is Anna’s way in order to ensure that she gets what she wants — meanwhile, at the same time she can take down the Task Force once and for all. She had the footage and the evidence in order to make something happen.

Is Agnes coming back?

Liz has some doubts about whether or not to bring her kid back home, but soon after that Reddington tried to make her feel better, proclaiming that she doesn’t need to worry about Katarina Rostova — he even defended her, claiming that she was “scared and uncertain and trying to do the best she could.” He wanted to make sure that the reputation and the narrative was a little bit different around her.

Is this a sign that Reddington is really Katarina Rostova? We understand the thinking, but we personally view it as a little bit more of a red herring.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a powerful episode of The Blacklist, one that certainly set the stage for the finale while also raising MANY question marks on McMahon, the dossier, what it means, and also why Reddington is defending Katarina. Why do that? We’re gonna have to wait for the finale for more…

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